Sunday, July 29, 2012

Queen Kim!

My most sincere congratulations to my friend Kim Rhode for taking the gold medal in Women's Skeet in London, the very first America to medal in five consecutive Olympics! Oh yeah, she also set an Olympic record with 99 out of 100 clays and matched the current world record.

I simply cannot convey to you what a staggering accomplishment that is...when the Olympics canceled Kim's sport, double trap a few years back, she simply switched to skeet. This is akin to a pursuit cyclist being forced to change to mountain biking...yes, they both involve pedaling, but there's a whole different skillset to be mastered. 

But master it she did, taking the silver in Beijing and now the gold.

Kim is the stuff of legends, and I'm so happy and proud for her and her wonderful family. Heck, every American should stand up and cheer!


Anonymous said...

Well said, Mr. Bane. Well said.

Joe said...

Kim fully deserves everything she has earned and is a great ambassador for the shooting sports.

I wish that they would have given her more coverage. I waited all afternoon to see some of the shooting and all they showed was a two minute interview with the commentator.

Anonymous said...

Just an FYI...NBC is broadcasting the Olympics on 8 different channels. Also they are switching back and forth between sports so the tv guides are NOT always correct. I happened across Kim's shooting this morning LIVE. They covered the event for about 45 minutes with commentary. Same thing with Archery. All the video on online on their website:

gunman42782 said...

Kim is amazing! Congratulations girl!

Mike M. said...

It's an incredible record. I saw the post-shoot interview. Hysterically funny. Kim got in some very good points about shooting being a lifetime sport - and therefore has no plans to retire.

It was amusing to see the poor NBC rep ask her the usual questions - they were clearly used to talking to starstruck teenage athletes, not a woman in her 30s. But the punch line was them asking about the difference between this medal and the last four. Kim looked down at the medal.

"It's a little bigger."