Sunday, August 12, 2012

One Of Us

Mitt Romney's choice of Paul Ryan (above, with Bambi's dad) as his VP eliminates any hesitation we on the Second Amendment side of the GOP might have in unconditionally, and enthusiastically, supporting the ticket. As noted by John at No Lawyers Only Guns and Money, Ryan is the real deal...rated "A" by both the NRA and the stricter GOA standards, all the right votes, a lifelong enthusiastic hunter and fisherman and judging by some of his earlier statements, a man who holds a deep and abiding respect for the Second Amendment.

Should Romney succeed in November, it is obvious that Ryan will emerge as the most powerful Vice-President of our lifetime, as well as the philosophical head of the Republican Party.

It is time, as the NRA says, to go "All In!" That means its time to quit whining that Ron Paul, Thomas Jefferson or Charlton Heston are not on the ballot. If you can't figure out the difference between our current President, a committed Alinsky-ite without a shred of conscience or personal honor and his boob of a VP and the Romney/Ryan ticket, don't expect any of us to take you seriously anymore.


Rob Drummond said...

Absolutely Right Michael!!!!!!
Rob Drummond
Hillsboro, NH

Obake said...

I am on board! I recently made the point that a first term Romney is less likely to go after our gun rights then a second term Obama. Now with Ryan as VP I can vote Republican and keep my self respect.

shawn w said...

on board too.
great pick for a number 2
mittens did the right thing.

Anonymous said...

Remember you are not voting for Paul Ryan but you are voting for Mitt Romney. When Romney signs some gun control legislation in his first or second term in office to secure some deficit reduction deal with the dems, or when he appoints a justice to the SCOTUS who turns on us, remember what you wrote today.

Paul Ryan is a definite upgrade in the IQ from the current crop on the other side, and frankly, what we had the last time. But he can not make up for the short comings of Mitt. We had our chance in the primaries but you guys wanted Barabbas.

I'm voting for Gary Johnson....

David said... might think you're voting for Gary Johnson, but only turnout for Romney/Ryan will defeat the current administration. Be are really voting to keep Barack Obama in office. Smart move, slick. Bet you voted for Ross Perot, too...

Anonymous said...

Please cross your arms at the wrists and shout "Goldstein! Goldstein!"

Michael Bane said...

I totally agree with David, Anon. This is the most important election of our lifetime, one that determines what this country will be.

If you vote "present," which is EXACTLY what you're talking about doing, you deserve no more respect than BHO, who built his career on "present."

You can snark all you want on the Internet, but it is your children and grandchildren who will pick up the bill for hat "present" vote.

Michael B

nj_larry said...

Hmmm...I held my nose in 2008 and voted for the useless sack of crap McCain. I thought from all the comments then, that if I did that he would win. Don't understand why he didn't, you folks said he would?

I strongly suggest that you go and rent the great movie "A Man For All Seasons". When Sir Thomas Moore is asked to violate his conscience he responds:

"Why can't you do as I did,and come with us, for fellowship?"

Sir Thomas More: "And when we die, and you are sent to heaven for doing your conscience
...and I am sent to hell for not doing mine, will you come with me, for fellowship? "

I may vote for Mitt the flip flopper and gun control advocate, but I respect anon for his stand. I won't be joining the lynching party with you folks. Oh and I did vote for Perot and Anderson and others. Remember that this is not a popular vote contest. There is that pesky thing called the Electoral College. So the vote of one person or as in the occupied states, the votes of millions, are actually meaningless.

Anonymous said...

nj larry,

Sometimes, you actually scare me. I am as loss for words.

Life Member

George said...

I have to take ownership for the comments at 2:59 and 3:17; I could not login with my credentials for some reason....

But I have to remind you, Michael, you said the EXACT same thing last election. The implication is voting for your guy means fair winds and calm seas, a vote for anyone else is a dagger to the heart of the second amendment. This is absurd.

I believe I could make a very good argument that BHO has been a tremendous boon to our rights. I regularly get questions from strangers what IDPA and USPSA means when they see the logos on my clothes or vehicles. When I explain what these organizations are about, they express some interest. Before BHO, that NEVER happened. I could go on, but go read your own press releases about firearms sales.

For those who vote for R/R, please tell yourself, and please spare the rest of us, not to be outraged when Mitt "I was against it before I was for it" Romney implements some kind of anti-gun legislation in his administration to accomplish some other more important goal. To you it will be something you understood might happen, and was warned would happen, and you gladly accept it.

The Freeholder said...

Well, feel free to not take me seriously...

The Presidential vote is not about who is Vice President. The vVice is around just in case the President kacks in office, which hasn't been all that often in recent times.

The Vice President does not set foreign policy, submit budgets, sign/veto legislation or any of the other fun things the President gets to do. He does get to cast a tie-breaker vote in the Senate, which happens slightly less often than once in a blue moon. He may get a seat at the big table, but there is no guarantee that anyone will listen for him.

When we look at Romney's record on the state level, he has advocated for and signed into law the same sorts of things we castigate Obama for at the national level. Yet because he has a magic "(R)" after his name, we somehow think that he will do a 180, see the light and start acting like a conservative.

The last election, in which I help my nose, donned Depends so it wouldn't run down my leg and voted for McCain taught me one lesson, and that is that you don't vote for a vice presidential candidate. You vote for the presidential candidate and get the veep as your free bonus, assuming the Big Guy gets elected at all.

When you look at his voting record I have to admit that he's got a lot of good votes in there. Then there are his votes for the Mandatory Gun Show Background Check Act, minimum wage increases, No Child Left Behind, the Patriot Act and it's progeny, Fast Track Trade Authority, the stimulus and so on.

I understand that some folks will give him a pass on these issues because he's good on the Second Amendment. That's fine, but I've got no urge to do so, especially when the candidate will likely not get much influence if/when such things come up.

The President is the one who counts, and until someone can show me otherwise, based on their records, the difference between Romney and Obama is not enough of a difference for me.

My kids and potential grandkids are already on the hook for, oh, 60 or so years of our generation's idiocy about our rights and about our governmental finances. Voting for Romney over Obama won't change that. Neither one can fix the problem, and the body politic won't even truly try until it's too late because the pain will be too great to bear--everyone's sacred cow will be gored quite throughly.

I can't see what the resolution to our current predicament will be, but whatever it is it's going to hurt to the bone, families will be beggared, many folks will die, many of the rich will be pauperized, the right cronies will be enriched and our grandchildren may well curse our names and urinate on our graves.

So, I don't really see this election as all that helpful. We're rearranging the deck chairs, not building rafts. Therefore, I shall vote my conscience.

George said...

@The Freeholder,

Brilliantly written! I don't know if we will ever agree on anything else but on this one thing we are should to shoulder on it.

Trevor Shepherd said...

Just exactly what have Barack NO'bama, Nanny-State Pelosi, and Harry Reid done that has hurt or even threatened our gun rights? Please share some facts with us, because I can't think of a single thing that they've done to hurt our gun rights. I don't like any of the three of them. I would not buy a used car from them or let them date my sister, but they have done exactly nothing to hurt my gun rights. We can list off several things that Romney has done that have been injurious to gun rights. Obama signed the Federal law that allows National Park carry. That is BIG TIME important to me. Obama signed the law that allows guns in checked baggage on Amtrak trains. Pelosi said repeatedly when she was Speaker of the House that new gun laws are totally off the table and not even remotely up for discussion. Reid is pro-gun and has a decent rating from the NRA. Romney has a TERRIBLE record on guns. You honestly think that BHO is more of a threat to our gun rights than Romney? Huh? Where's your proof of that? The facts are so much against you on this.

Trevor Shepherd said...

And, puh-leeze, spare me the diatribe about Eric Holder and the Gunwalking scandal. You and I and everyone else knows plainly that the gunwalking scandal was bad public policy but it does nothing to harm MY gun rights or YOUR gun rights or anyone else's gun rights. And, you know darn well that the George W. Bush administration would have done the same thing if they had thought of it first. So, again, I ask you, what has NO'bama done that has hurt my gun rights? And, whatever you CAN think of, how does that compare to the very real, very bad things that Romney has done. Even as recently as the 2008 primaries, Romney said in a Republican debate that he would sign an AWB if it came to his desk as President. Bush said the same thing! NO'bama has not pushed for an AWB, Pelosi has not pushed for an AWB, Reid has not pushed for an AWB. Where's the proof that Romney is better than NO'bama on guns? The proof says CLEARLY the opposite.

Anonymous said...

Obama must be voted out, it is as simple as that. Now grow a pair and vote President "Zero" out!

Anonymous said...

Well piss! I live in Oregon so my entire states vote doesn't mean a damn thing. I dont like any of these bought and paid for shister Canidits. I'm voting Ron Paul because he is just about crazy enough that a fellow could actually trust the man.

DamDoc said...

guys, no whining then, when the 2nd amendment get laid into dormant extinction with signing of the UN replacement agreement on small arms after the election.. yeah, it will probably not get ratified in the next session of congress, but will lay in wait until the senate has 2/3 traitors... obama wins the next election, rules as a leftist not concerned about re-election,working under the radar... i, for one will hold the "cut off their nose to spit their face" crowd totally responsible. you ARE them...

Trevor Shepherd said...

But how do you reconcile the facts about Mitt Romney's anti-gun actions as Massachusetts Governor? You just want to ignore that? Why? How can you ignore that? What specific things has Romney said that lead you to conclude that he has abandoned that anti-gun past? All he ever says is general stuff, just like BHO, along the lines of "I am totally in support of people's 2nd amendment rights..." That's it. No specifics. He is NO different from Obama in terms of what he says now, but unlike Obama, Mittens has a VERY clear anti-gun past, RECENT PAST. Romney has actually taken steps to limit the gun rights of citizens. Obama has never done that. And you people want Romney to be President??? Get real.

Anonymous said...

"Should Romney succeed in November, it is obvious that Ryan will emerge as the most powerful Vice-President of our lifetime, as well as the philosophical head of the Republican Party."

That is a GLARING non-sequitur. There is NOTHING "obvious" about a VP being powerful; history is quite convincing as to powerful VPs being aberrations (quick; name ONE other than Cheney). Based on prior power, LBJ should have been " the most powerful Vice-President of our lifetime;" he was NOT.

VPs are only as "powerful" as their presidents LET them be. As Romney is a weathervane RINO, your chortles of joy over Ryan are unwarranted and premature.

Unknown said...

I am nearly sick to my stomach woth this one trick pony pro-forma thinking...if you are ONLY 2nd Amendment advocates, you are part of the problem, voting your conscience may seem noble, but in this case it may ensure we get 4 more years of polarization that this country can't afford. Obama is ripping the last stitch of this country apart with his waaay left, Chicago type, big government, massage the Labor Unions type politics. I do believe Ryan is the more intelligent, budget minded advocate WE all need,so Romney is the lesser of two evils. I'd rather fight from the front, rather than the rear.

nj_larry said...

Life Member said: "Sometimes, you actually scare me. I am as loss for words."

@Life...that made me laugh so hard this morning..God bless ya :) Geeze Marie, I know that I'm opinionated but I try to be reasoned. But scary? First I never have liked piling on folks with different thoughts. Its the whole bully thing. Drives me nuts. I listen, I analyze, I may or may not then agree with them. I try not to demonize them (which is why I have really grown to despise the web). I also don't fall for any fad or charismatic person who grabs the headlines or has the media on their side. Many moons ago I crossed paths with lots of "famous" and powerful people. A ton of them were simply awful human beings in person. So...I have this healthy dose of distrust for the elite of society.

My most important criteria for a politician is real simple. Does he tell me the truth? The 2A is really important to me but it is not the exclusive issue that I have to weigh. I won't tolerate baby killers, I won't tolerate race baiters, I have no respect for those in power who want more of my money and then spend it unwisely. I want someone who values the genius of the founders as much as I do. And I want to be told the truth.

So I run all this politics stuff thru my filters. If at the other end out comes a candidate, I will consider him for my vote. At various times I've voted for "fringe" guys. I felt good about it. I sleep quite soundly at night. This election is critical. I see that. But if someone has other thoughts I respect that also. Gary Johnson is a fine guy. Ron Paul has his moments. I don't see a vote for either guy as wasted. In fact I think Johnson got screwed over by the party machine, but that's another story....

Anyway, I love the folks who comment here. They are smart, funny and engaging. Maybe MB can hold a end user get together some day ! We'll all pop open a brewski and argue....

Dale said...

OK,George, you are free to vote for BHO if you see fit but how do you justify FAST & FURIOUS? Anyway, I'm with Mike. I'll vote for 90% of what I would like long before I'd vote for the total loser currently in residence.

B said...

Voting for the person that you think will make the best President is NOT a wasted vote. Ever.

It's the right thing to do.

bigdrumdaddy said...

Has everyone forgotten about BHO's votes for an AWB in the IL Senate? How about his vote for an outright ban on handgun ownership in the IL Senate? His recent promise to " do something about increasing gun sales & resultant gun violence (sic)"?

Anyone aware that the UN Small Arms Treaty is still "on the table" - and requires, not a 3/4 vote of the full Senate, but only of "the members present."? And you see no danger in a looming lame duck congress (coupled by a possible lame duck BHO) exploiting that little-known fact?

And of course Pelosi, Reid & BHO will talk nice about the 2A. They recall all too well the shellacking they got in the '96 mid-terms after the '94 AWB. They're waiting for BHO's "final four" - where NONE OF THEM have anything to lose, and knowing the electorate has a short memory. They'll rain he'll down upon us and, with the nation in shambles - possibly even awash in racial strife - the GOP will win in 2016 and the Dems will blame all the lasting carnage on the GOP on their way to victory in 2020.

Y'see the Dems are playing long ball while squabble over whether the baselines are straight. Can no one see that a BHO with nothing to lose will be a disaster - not just for the 2A, but for the USA in general. So, as I've said before - while I have a few doubts about Romney's conservative credentials - and whether he'll stand by us; I have NO DOUBT what BHO has in store for us - in far more than 2A issues. I'm CERTAIN he'll abandon Israel, just as I'm certain he helped tear down a once-peaceful Middle East ( though much of it WAS ruled by despots) and handed it over to the radical Muslim Brotherhood, a number of which are frequent WH visitors. I'mCERTAIN he'll turn our military into a global force battling hunger, "climate change" and God knows what else (at half their current budget). And I'm certain he'll continue to strengthen DHS - not to secure our borders or keep us safe from Islamic terrorists, but to turn them into that "civilian force with all the strength & funding of the DOD (sic)" he spoke of - and turn them against peaceful gun owners & veterans already labeled as terrorists by DHS.

Of all these things - and many more that time & space don't allow for - I am certain to come from a 2nd BHO term. From Romney, I know not what - but I'm CERTAIN that NOTHING he does or plans will be anywhere near as radical as what BHO has planned. And anyone who can't see that, sense that, FEEL THAT CHANGE COMING ACROSS THIS NATION isn't paying attention - 'cause if you were you'd be mad as hell instead of arguing over petty details.

The Freeholder said...

OK, let me ask this question. For 30 years or so, we've all heard that the current presidential election was the "most important ever". I remember that phraseology back when it was Carter vs. Reagan, so it's been going on a while now. We dutifully go pull the lever for a Dole, or a Bush 41 or 43 or a McCain. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. (Hm-m-m...adding it up, those elections where we do that we more often than not lose. Might be something there.) But no matter who is elected, we see bigger and more expensive government, more intrusions on our civil rights and a government more deeply in debt at the end of it's term than the beginning. Every time.

We're told we need to vote for the most conservative guy running (even when he's only slightly more conservative than the other schmoe), because OMG the Supreme Court! We gotta get our guy so he can put conservative justices on the Supreme Court!

*cough* John Roberts *cough*

In reality, if we look at their records, which are the only real facts we have on a candidate, we find out something sort of disturbing. The vast majority of the time, the voting records of presidential candidates are frighteningly similar. Do this exercise with Obama and Romney. Seriously, I'll be right here waiting...

Scarey, isn't it? They could be twin sons born to different mothers, given their voting records. The only nod I can realistically give to Romney is that he was part of the management of a real, honest to {deity of your choice} company that actually made money. Other than that, the similarities of their records are pretty close IMHO.

I don't believe that Romney will change his stripes any more than Obama did. Once elected, he'll promptly revert to type and we'll get to complain about how we were mislead. Again.

I fully acknowledge that a third party candidate faces an uphill battle. I will acknowledge that their changes of winning in this election are vanishingly small. But the only way change will be made is for people to actually change their behavior. I'm changing mine with relatively full knowledge of what the consequences may be (despite all we say, we don't really know what they will be--or is someone out there psychic?) if things go "wrong".

Do you have the courage to put behind you all that you have believed your entire life and make a similar change? Because that's what it's going to take to get things back on track. Voting Democrat sure hasn't worked the last 3+ years for those that did, and voting Republican before then hasn't worked so well either. Under Democrats we get more expensive government and under Republicans we have gotten more intrusive government.

I want less. Less government and less expensive government. A less meddlesome goverment that knows it had better stay in it's place becuse otherwise it's elected officials will find themselves on the street, sitting on their bruised butt going "What truck just hit me?"

You aren't going to get that from Obama or Romney.

Anonymous said...

You can't talk sense to these fools, Michael. They helped elect BHO in 2008 and they'll do it again, all the while bathed in the warm glow of their self-righteous ideological purity.

Rob Drummond said...

Hey Guys remember this crap!

"He said red, yellow, black or white
All are equal in his sight
Mmm, mmm, mm!
Barack Hussein Obama"

Mmm, mmm, mm
Barack Hussein Obama"

or Song 2:
Hello, Mr. President we honor you today!
For all your great accomplishments, we all doth say "hooray!"

If we stand down and let this guy get back in I am sure he'll have a "little red book" we will all have to carry around!

Rob Drummond
Hillsboro, NH

Trav said...

This country didn't become great because the Pilgrims' progeny stuffed a ballot box every four years; it became great because many good people did great things. The sooner we realize that as a nation and become ACTIVE participants in SELF-government, the better off we'll be.

DamDoc said...

Vote for Gary Johnson rather than Romney/Ryan = Obama for President.. Congratulations! As the commercial many years ago on defensive driving safety said to somebody about to die due to not backing off to a negligent driver "you are right, dead right". If you believe Obama is not more risky for gun rights, the economy, and freedom in general, you are a fool. The guy who was against waterboarding as torture, now assasinates people (with collateral damage) without trial.. Only to gain in the polls.. Now that is a principled man you should trust and help get elected because you insist on flushing your vote! You forget that Obama "leads from behind".. fast and furious was an example.. juice up the border casualties to try to make the sheeples rise up against guns.. He was trying to get the UN to pass a small arms treaty and then get the senate to sign it.. and take the blame if there is a backlash (hey! I never threatened your gun rights!.. it was that do nothing congress) The UN thing is being held in remission for now because he knows there is an election coming. He knows if he holds off for now that there are fools on our side who will say "he never did anything to take our rights away, so I will vote my conscience, rather that be pragmatic". Obama has stated his hate for people who want their 2nd amendment rights (ask John Lott about that)... Ok.. go ahead and take your ball home.. but you are making a grand mistake in critical thinking. "I want it all" thinking usually gets you nothing, and costs alot.. congrats. Pragmatism at least gets you part of the pie rather than no pie. Obama is the most dangerous man we have ever had as president if you believe in american exceptionalism and the things we were founded on. Think about it.

Rob Drummond said...

"He said we must ban the hand
that may have a gun in hand"

mmm mmm mmm

Barack Hussain Obama


Barack Hussain Obama

Think about it guys

Rob Drummond
Hillsboro, NH

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the come-back "nj larry",

You're starting to be less-scary again.

After saying all "that", how would you summarize a recommendation of what we should do? How would you explain this to a novice voter who is not just a single-issue (a. k. a.: "2A") voter, say one that is also interested in economics, the Constitution, etc.? What should our political strategy be? What do you recommend to the others on this site that seem to be surrendering to the Obama Agenda?

Life Member

P. S.: A "Shooting Gallery Reunion" would be cool.

Anonymous said...

George, NJ Larry, and the others trashing Romney on gun rights should shut up until they know what they are talking about.
The Mass. assault weapons ban WAS ALREADY IN PLACE when Romney took office.
The bill Romney signed EASED restrictions on Mass gun owners, as you would know if you bothered to check with the Gun Owners Action League

Tom Bogan
Laconia NH

nj_larry said...

Tom, I don't think I was trashing the Mittster on gun rights. I never said that he was "responsible" for the Mass AWB. Don't know where you got that from. But I do think he is not pro gun. He has on numerous occasions wiggled and squirmed when asked or talking about the 2A. That I have NO DOUBT ABOUT. To consider him as a friend of 2A is patently silly. Just cause he signed the 2004 update on the AWB, which did as you say loosen a couple of things for gun owners, doesn't make me love the guy or trust him. Repeat TRUST HIM. NOT. I really don't care much what happens or happened in Mass. To me it is not part of the US. What does matter to me is that Mitt blows which ever way the wind blows. Come on now you have to have the sense to see that. Right?

This from the NRA on the 2004 bill:

This from the MOUTH OF THE MITTSTER. Just watch the videos if you don't trust the author of the blog. Or do you think these have been CGI'd?

I won't belabor it. As I said I may vote for him and Ryan. But it won't just be on the 2A issue. If it were, I wouldn't most likely. I do believe he has one proven ability. To organize and run large organizations efficiently. I do think that he will do that. I think he understands the wind is blowing in the direction of smaller and cheaper gov't. This I believe he can and will deliver on. That to me, right now, trumps his wishy washy stand on gun rights.

Rob Drummond said...

If Mitt blows which ever way the wind blows why did he pick Ryan?

Rob Drummond
Hillsboro, NH

nj_larry said...

@Life...Wow, now you really put me on the spot. Let me give it a shot. First let me say that I am not a big believer in the "elevator" pitch. Oh well...

So this is what I would tell a novice voter/young'n that might be interested in an old guys thoughts. Or anyone else for that matter. This might be a recipe to get thru before walking into the polling booth in November. It's a bit of work but just my thought on how to prepare for a big election.

Start with reading the Declaration and the Constitution. This is like drinking white lighting direct from the still. These two documents are pure fury and truth. Read what our founders read. The Bible. It is the major moral influence and source of truths about human nature the founders were steeped in. Then a quick history of the world. Maybe another book on any of the classic societies. Greece, Rome, or Asian history. (I know that the chance a young adult has ANY knowledge of history is next to zero.) See how societies have tried the same thing over and over again. Finally, a couple of books by contemporary folks which are quite insightful. Nial Ferguson (economics), Mark Steyn (funny current social issues), Daniel Hannan (European socialist mess), read about the Polish freedom fight from Nazism/Communism and Lech Walesa and Pope JPII (I can't even begin to express my respect for JPII and what he did to bring down communism in Europe with Reagan and Maggie).

If you can get thru half of this by November you might realize that mankind is in a constant battle. Right from wrong. Fear vs. love. God given rights vs. falling down before charismatic leaders pleading for mercy. Hopefully they come away with the beginnings of a personal philosophy. That man by nature is selfish and brutish. Yet we can overcome that. In fact it is our duty to overcome that beastly nature. That all lives are sacred. That all men have tremendous potential. They might come to believe a creed to do no harm to innocent others. Help those that we can. Work hard. Be better at the end of life than the beginning. Fight for right. Never cower. Fear not.

So how does this relate to November? Simple. This country is in real trouble. Obama and the left represents a many time tested, failed, philosophy. One in which the individual is nothing, the collective everything. The powerful dictate, the serfs obey. I would even call it an evil philosophy. I would tell the novice that we have the mechanism to change our course. That our short lives on Earth are not going to be easy. That success is not guaranteed. But we can try our best to make the world better and our lives better. That the leftist philosophy of Obama will only make our lives, our loved ones lives, less important and less worthwhile. That the world has never, ever, had a society like our founders put together. That whether it was divinely ordained or just some really smart guys who came together when the stars all aligned, their handiwork was brilliant. That this country just a couple of generations ago was very different than today. It was better in many ways. That this country, like our own lives, needs to be tended every day. A farmers attitude. Constant weeding, pruning. Watching for bugs, infestations. That the work is long and hard and never ends. That the novice's time is here to take responsibility for the farm. We are leaving him the tools and seeds. Now go into the fields. He and his family will depend on his efforts.

Then the novice voter/young'n should sit down and really think about our times. Really think about it. Maybe an optional quick prayer would help out. I believe most will understand the right course which needs to be taken. But it should come out of their mind and heart, not blind belief in someone else.

LifeMember, that is about as good as I can do for someone willing to listen. :)

Rob Drummond said...

Take a good look at early US history and you will realize there is a reason why the 2nd Amendment follows the 1st.

Our founders believed that we as men (& women) have rights that exist before goverment. This president believes that government hands out priviledges & rights. His vision would dismantle what has made this country great. He is a soft dictator that will change the US fundamentally through whatever means he has at his disposal. He has said it time after time.

Some call him BO I call him the Supreme Lord & Dictator because that is what he is leaning toward & will become if we stand down.

Believe in a leader? Maybe. But personally I beleive in America & what it stands for in the past & what it could stand for in the future. When I go into the voting booth in November I know who I am voting you?
Rob Drummond
Hillsboro, NH

Sanjuancb said...

This just about sums it up for me:

I'll be voting for Johnson too...

George said...
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JohninMd(help!) said...

As Robert A. Heinlien wrote; "You can have peace. You can have Freedom. Don't ever count on having both at once." I will always vote for more Freedom and Liberty. And that means cutting the cash flow, starving the beast that is gov. as we know it. God help us all, 'cause that beast won't go quietly.......

Ron said...

I wish I had true "faith" in ANY of the choices for President,,,but I don't. Face it, they are professional politicians who have risen to the top of the heap due to mass amounts of financial "donations" from big business. Is that good for the little guy like me? Doubtful.

I really can't think of the last President who gun owners DID like.

There is far more than gun rights that needs attention in the country. I think we should be looking for answers to those issues too. The anointed one slopped and folded early on, and although Mittens says he wants jobs for Americans,,,,,,what is he really going to do about it? The very same big businesses that threw HUGE sums of money his way have taken their operations overseas,,,,,and there they will stay. Without any form of stable economy, none of us will be buying guns or ammo anyhow,,,,so why worry about that right now? I feel Americans had better get issues lined up according to importance.

Each candidate has a fancy dog & pony show at this point, changing colors rapidly to appeal to the audience at hand. I am embarrassed when I see the mud slinging taking place. I am supposed to vote for one of these idiots?

It is going to take allot more than a "new" President to turn this country around.

Anonymous said...

A lot of these previous posts just plain disgust me with the ignorance they exhibit.
Politics is about what's possible, the vote is for President, not Sainthood.
If you do not vote for Romney /Ryan you are voting for Obama no matter what name you check or write in.
If that is what you want you surely do not belong on this forum.
We're Americans here, not socialist citizens of the world.

Tom Bogan
Laconia NH

George said...

Tom Bogan wrote in part:

"....If you do not vote for Romney /Ryan you are voting for Obama no matter what name you check or write in.
If that is what you want you surely do not belong on this forum.
We're Americans here, not socialist citizens of the world."

Really? Do you mean just like when you voted for Ross Perot/Bill Clinton instead of George H. W. Bush?

"Tim, I voted for Perot, not because of "No new taxes" but because of the machinegun law.
Another reason was because Perot tried to explain exactly what he would do and how......"

Hmmm......Thanks alot for helping to give us the 1994 AWB, you asshole!

Trav said...

The data does not support the old canard about Perot giving us Clinton.

George said...

I know Trav. I was just using Tom's tortured reasoning and logic against him. He seems to think there are two sets of rules: we have to abide by strict reasoning and logic, no deviations allowed. On the other hand, he can be all over the f'ing map. I'm sick of his bullshit and I finally decided to deliver the kill shot right here before God and everybody to read.

So for the record let me restate my position: I will not vote for the two establishment candidates. I think the best choice is Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party. This time I'm going to vote according to my best judgment and not have to rationalize and equivocate.

Anonymous said...

Sitting here watching the RINO party tear itself apart over "rape" remarks by Todd Akin. MITTSTER reverts to form and flip flops on abortion. And you guys think he can be relied on for 2A issues?