Friday, December 14, 2012


You get traveling pretty heavily headed into the holidays, getting up very early and collapsing into the hotel bed too tired to post.

Couple of quickies...I finally got a chance to handle the DoubleStar C3, the Constant Carry Carbine. It is all that and more...5 1/2 pounds without optic but with steel BUIS! As you guys know I've been fretting over a breakdown AR as light as you can get it; my result isn't even close to this. The "pencil" barrel, 9-inch Samson Evolution forend and the great ACE AR-UL-E 7-inch stock keep the weight not the featherlight category.

Add an Aimpoint Micro or a Trijicon RMR, a small light and you've got what is now the ultimate package carbine to long driving trips or to carry as luggage on the plane. I think I'm going to put one of these guys on order as soon as I get home.

In fact, the themes for SHOT 2013 Modern Sporting Rifles is "light" and "SBR."

Expect to see a massive number of SBRs at SHOT...everybody is offering SBRs, and apparently the civilian demand is there. Probably a good thing that the NFA Branch is adding 10 new examiners to deal with the flood of Class 3 requests. I'm putting in paper before the end of the year on a 10-inch .300 Blackout project myself.

Rail systems have gotten skinnier, lighters and in many cases optional. Stag, for instance, lopped pounds off their piston gun with a really cool retro triangular forend. Lighter is a good thing.

BTW, congrats to Rapid Fire co-host Iain Harrison, who's taking the helm of the hapless RECOIL magazine, where the previous editor shot himself in the winkie with ill-advised antigun word bullets. If anyone can turn it around, it's Iain. BTW BTW, RF will be back for a second season!

Man, my left ear never cleared from my last flight, because I have a Terminal Ebola Head Cold! Driving me plum crazy, I'll tell you! Another use for Dremels...LOL!


Overload in Colorado said...

Went down and weighed my lightweight AR. With Vickers Sling and Aimpoint Micro mounted it weighs 6lbs 14oz.

I'm using a Plum Crazy composite lower, and a Loki Weapon Systems free float 16" upper. Also running a standard 5 position stock.

Is the upper on the C3 free floated? I could save weight with a regular plastic forend.

Still, I'm impressed with how light the C3 is. I wonder what's being sacrificed to get it that light?

Anonymous said...

too long.

why not a ruger mini with folding stock?

kmitch200 said...

If you haven't been to Tam's blog in last day or so there is a link to a GREAT story posted in one of the comments section.

PLEASE circulate this far & wide!!