Monday, December 24, 2012

Shaking the Kaleidoscope...

...a wonderful, if slightly depressing piece from science fiction writer Sarah Hoyt:
Part of their resentment of us over intervention in the two world wars is the resentment of parents whose kid intervenes in an argument – particularly if the kid was right. If you view the long war of the twentieth century as a civil war, they resent we came in and settled it.  
And they’ve done a lot of projecting – aided by Soviet propaganda – they call us imperialist and war mongers, because they can’t bear that in themselves. 
And also they have no clue what makes us work, not really. They don’t know why we innovate more than they do. They don’t know why our consumer society is what is softening their politics advancement into the rest of the world. They know it, but they resent it.
Definitely read the whole thing!


gunner said...

thank you for introducing me to sarah hoyt's work, though i had to dig for the essay you posted, as you gave no link. i'll be looking for her stories and books for my "to read" list starting forthwith

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