Sunday, December 30, 2012

Yes, I Took a Couple of Days Off

Should be back in the saddle tomorrow. Meanwhile, I wanted to link this from No Lawyers, words we should all be living by for the duration of this crisis:
Richard Pearson, Executive Director of the Illinois State Rifle Association, had this advice in his ISRA Thursday Bulletin. I consider them to be very wise words from someone who has been fighting in the trenches for gun rights for a long time. 
As you are aware gun owners have been taking a pounding from the anti-gunners and their allies- the main stream media. Those two groups have declared war on gun owners and we will be maligned, degraded, demonized, and bullied in an effort to turn one group of gun owners against another. Don’t fall for it. I am a strong believer in the Farmer Doctrine. 
The Farmer Doctrine was adopted at the first Gun Rights Policy Conference in 1985. The Farmer Doctrine is patterned after the NATO Doctrine. The Farmer Doctrine is as follows: Be it resolved that an attack one group of guns and gun owners shall be considered an attack on all guns and gun owners. Therefore we should all rise to the defense of each other.
Amen! You heard BHo say today that gun control is is holy mission for 2013... the state media, Pravda, will do everything in its power to help the Dems accomplish this. JOIN OR DIE!


USCitizen said...

Actually Pravda itself came out with a message: "Americans. Don't Give Up Your Guns" - or very something similar today.

USCitizen said...

Here's the story:
Americans never give up your guns

Anonymous said...

You might want to send the memo to Lead Dispencer who posted quite publicly on the SASS Wire Forums that CAS guns are more politically correct. First they came for the Jews, and I said nothing. First they came for the AR's...

Unknown said...

How about a poison pill amendment that would restrict all LEO guns to the same standards as civilian weapons........ Just say'n.