Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas Eve!

I found my ideal Christmas present online last night, apparently the last remaining mil-spec AR buffer tube in America — perfect for the project that's scattered all over my office. Sort of looks like an AR exploded there...I wonder if I can remember how to put it back together? Worse comes to worse, I'll call Patrick Sweeney...since it's Christmas he'll probably want a credit card deposit. Of course, it's a crap shoot as to whether I'll actually get it...some of the stuff I ordered early when it was listed in stock has been subsequently cancelled, or backordered until the end of the next Mayan calendar.

BTW, here's the best information I have on the upcoming legislation. The source is confidential, but retired federal law enforcement:
I have reviewed the proposed legislation. It asks to ban future production or import of ANY AK, AR or anything that looks or functions like these rifles. It hopes to also ban extended shotgun tubes and to limit all future rifles to a maximum capacity of 5-rounds and handguns to a max of 10-rounds, except for .22 cal. Also included in the legislation is a separate section seeking to ban future production or import of any hi-cap mags, max 5-rounds for rifles and 10-rounds for semi-auto pistols. It specifically lists about 900 long guns that are legal, but all are bolt action, pump or single shot, not a single semi-auto rifle other than .22lr! There will likely be multiple, competing versions of legislation as the Dems line up to see who can offer the most restrictive language. If you want a modern sporting rifle, aka assault weapon, I suggest you get in line to get one now.
A point I'd like to make here...I have seen criticism on other sites of the NRA and various strategies. My friends, this needs to end NOW! The battle lines are drawn, and they are the lines we will fight on. The NRA will lead that battle, with SAF, GOA and NSSF — and every one of us — providing support. If we survive this, we can have long, penetrating, pointless discussions over "angels dancing on the head of a pin" doctrine and who we do or don't like. In the meantime, STAND DOWN! As the flag says, "Join, Or Die."

I'll be cooking today — the basics of oyster/sage dressing. cranberries with sour cherries and rum (a favorite at Thanksgiving), Chambord chocolate mousse. If I get a few spare minutes I'll go back to torturing that AR back together.

Have a safe Christmas Eve, keep your eyes peeled for any sign of the Wild Hunt and try not to frighten Santa too much.


BBJohnnyT said...

Totally agree about the criticism of the NRA. I've seen lots of posts saying "Well I'll support the 2nd Amendment Foundation but not the NRA". Tom over at GunTalk had a sentiment similar to your this week. He said the SAF is great for fights in the courts, but in regards to Congress, the NRA is clearly the front line.

Anonymous said...

United we stand, devided we will all fall.

Merry Christmas, Michael to you and yours. I like others appreciate your hard work and efforts to keep us informed in an intelligent and knowledgeable manner.

NRA & GOA member.

Anonymous said...

I’ll be in the fight right along with you and everyone else but there is one thing that really bothers me, how come we do not hear a word from the major gun manufactures? Ruger, Smith & Wesson, Springfield, Glock and the many more? They have all benefited greatly from what is going on in our country over the last 4 years breaking every sales record in history. Why are they not stepping up with some prime time advertising on what the left is really trying to do to our 2nd amendment rights? The biggest problem in our country is the lefts propaganda and that more than half the country is unaware. The firearms manufacturers need to help lead the fight. They have a lot to lose too. It is not only us citizens in jeopardy. I have joined and support 9 gun organizations, it’s time for the big boys to start kicking as well.
Gary... Tampa

Michael Bane said...

The industry is following the NRA lead, and be assured that the industry knows they will have to POUR money into the fight. As will we all.

I'm staying in close touch with the industry as well as our organizations. I'll keep you posted!

And MERRY MERYY CHRISTMAS to you and yours...


PS: It never seemed like Christmas when I lived in Tampa....

Anonymous said...

I had hoped that perhaps whatever was proposed would at least be not much stronger than the original AWB, but I can see they are going for the gun control gold with this.

Is there any chance of the industry putting together their own ads to run on TV, Hulu, Youtube, etc.? I know most Americans ostensibly support gun rights, though seeing the TV bombarded with gun control ads makes me think of how I saw five Obama ads for each of Romney's.

As far as NRA criticism goes, Michael is correct. Look who it is that first declared LaPierre's press conference a "disaster": The anti-gun media! There was *nothing* he could have said other than advocating the same gun prohibition they support that would have pleased the journalists. Looking at their rejection of his moderate, apolitical proposal, you can tell that these people don't care about children, and they especially don't care about the truth. They're just out for blood.

This is damn bad news. Frankly, it makes me think that gun owners are right to panic.

BBJohnnyT said...

It's starting to spread on the CalGuns website, but I've seen it on Facebook too... NRA members offering their friends, and even strangers, gift memberships in the NRA. On my FB page, I offered ten free associate memberships, at $10 a piece, and I had them all spoken for in just over a hour. They were all appreciative and excited! Three even gave me PayPal funds to upgrade them to regular memberships so they can get the magazine.

Home on the Range said...

Merry Christmas. Thanks for all you do to keep good information going forth, and keeping a nation easily divided united in this one thing we all believe so strongly in.

Michael Bane said...

Merry Christmas, Brigid...wish I could share some of your Christmas dinner!


T. Bear said...

Future restrictions are unacceptable, and we will fight this.

But, does anyone know what happens, according to their proposed bans, to the stuff that some folks already have, such as 30 round mags and AR's??? Do we have to stop using what we've got? I know that is only one issue, and being allowed to use what we've already got is NOT ENOUGH. We are free people, endowed by God with the right to defend ourselves. The U.S. Constitution recognizes the rights of man, granted to us by Providence. Neither the Constitution nor the Courts granted us anything. The Constitution recognizes, and protects rights we got from God. Don't ever forget that and don't ever let anyone negotiate away your rights.

Anonymous said...

Just in case. What would you recommend as a good bolt action battle rifle. Before the horde starts running on them. Or have they already? Regards

Anonymous said...

The correct answer is one that works. I like one you can afford. Truth is just about any new manufactured bolt gun will run out of the box. Fit and finish becomes a personal preference. For price the new ruger American can't be beat. I like a rifle with a nice wood stock on it so a Remington 700 is another good choice.

Anonymous said...

We can not lose sight of the fact that gun control is "Holy Grail-dot-2.0" on the Liberal's agenda. They have no interest in actually solving the problem of violence in our societies. Why it is so high on their agenda is a discussion for another day. We need to force everyone back to the question: What are we to do about the root cause of violence? The discussions of mental health and CONTAINING evil is completely missing this week.

Life Member

Anonymous said...

To continue criticizing what the NRA did LAST week is to continue exactly the flawed policies I was complaining about ,sloth, hesitation, and foot dragging must end in favor of preemptive action !
The battle allows no time for reflection, the time for that is when the drums are silent and the enemies flags are our trophies .
It is time for the end game .
MB, reread what you posted,
"BTW, here's the best information I have on the upcoming legislation. The source is confidential, but retired federal law enforcement:

I have reviewed the proposed legislation. It asks to ban future production or import of ANY AK, AR or anything that looks or functions like these rifles."
Now think about AR and AK sales over the last several years.
Every rifle sold represents some one committing several hundred dollars to our side of the debate .
There are thousands of people, mostly in politics and media, who have ranted and raved against freedom for decades, the people supporting a new ban are EXACTLY, the same ones who pushed through the ban that failed.
On our side are HUNDREDS of thousands, if not millions who have several hundred dollars worth of investment at stake
Who would you bet on , hot air, or hard asset ?
My money, given aggressive leadership, is on the people holding an object in their hand and saying you will not take this.
We can win all the marbles this time, but it MUST HAVE AGGRESSIVE LEADERSHIP !
Tom Bogan
Laconia NH

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Michael and to your wonderful family,
Tampa Christmas Forcast:
Sunny with a high of 77. Yes it is true that Christmas doesn't feel quite the same as it did back in my home town of Chicago. I turn on the A/C and throw a few logs on the fire.
Gary... Tampa

Anonymous said...

NRA doesnt get how fast things move today. They dont get even how quickly they will become irrelevant if it doesnt change. Note new organization formed and they arent following your advice.

Anonymous said...


What about lever guns and semi shotguns, will shotguns be restricted to 5 rounds?

Kinda sounds like future handguns would have to be revolvers or fixed magazine type gun like the old Grendel 380.

If that is the case lever action rifle, pump shotgun and revolver with speed loaders will be the best you can get.

Rob Drummond said...

Right Michael stand strong & together. I have critized the NRA recently & in the past but I stop NOW.

I have seen some kind of national policial & media driven effort to disarm the public can't say I saw this form coming so soon. If they win this fight on the 2nd the next battleline will be the 1st.

As a fellow Yankee and NH citizen my guess is you & I will be standing the same ground when THEY come to dismarm us.

Stay Strong & Stay together!
Rob Drummond
Hillsboro, NH