Sunday, December 02, 2012

Moron of the Day Alert!

And our "Dumb As A Sack Of Rocks" weekly media prize goes to Fox sportswriter Jason Whitlock for his laughingly stupid piece on the murder/suicide of NFL linebacker Jovan Belcher. So this scumbag Belcher, who happens to work for the NFL, kills his wife, apologizes to his teammates and kills himself in front of his coaches. Read Whitlock's paean to the Zen of Football...try to keep from laughing, BTW...then he calls for an end to the Second Amendment, because:
Our current gun culture simply ensures that more and more domestic disputes will end in the ultimate tragedy, and that more convenience-store confrontations over loud music coming from a car will leave more teenage boys bloodied and dead.
Yeah, right...hey Whitlock, why don't you stick to those deep, penetrating analyses of 'roided-up gown men smashing their heads against each other for millions of dollars? Or try to grow a brain and join the rest of us...


Anonymous said...

All those amendments are so damn troubling. Let's get rid of them all. Look at all the wars and strife as a result of attempts at freedom of expression. It's gotta go! And cars-ruin the environment, kill and wound way more people than guns and cause diabetes. Gotta go!

Clearly, no NFL player could dispose of a spouse, ex-spouse or male companion without a firearm. Right OJ?

kmitch200 said...

Or try to grow a brain and join the rest of us

Good luck with that one.
The comment section for the article is pretty much ripping this a-hole apart.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, insulting his lack of intelligence does nothing to further our cause. He will still not get it. To him, he is sooooo right and we're so wrong. He and his like minded followers will never get it. The irony is that liberals always advocate the opposite of what really needs to be done. It doesn't matter if it's economics, welfare, the discussion on guns, etc.; or new laws. That's why liberalism needs to be added to the new list of mental illnesses.

Yesterday's other headlines included a story where a guy murdered two other people before AlSO killing himself, "with a sharp object"., Where's this a__-clown on that?

Life Member

Anonymous said...

Here's the head-line and lead-in sentence to the article I described above regarding the "sharp object". The article was carried in my local paper, on Saturday, December 1, 2012:

It read: "Murder-suicide happened during class", by Mead Gruver, Associated Press

"Casper Wyo.- A man wielding a sharp-edged weapon killed one person in a Casper neighborhood Friday, before killing a male teacher and himself in front of students in a community college classromm, causing a campus-wide lockdown as authorities tried to piece together what happened".

As long as liberals keep rationalizing this type of behavior as "not the fault of the attacker", we will keep seeing these things happen. We never, ever see them condem bad behavior. They only explain it was as "not their fault because they are really the victims here".

Also note that schools are not only gun-free zones, but they all have zero-tolerance policies regarding ANY sort of weapon.

Life Member

Anonymous said...

And then, the midget minded Bob Costas actually repeated it in the halftime comments of the Dallas-Philadelphia game!

TV off, email sent to NBC Sports!


Anonymous said...

My email:

To Whom it may concern:

Imagine my surprise, while watching a football game halftime show, to watch Bob Costas quote an article written by Jason Whitlock!

Mr. Whitlock, and Mr. Costas in agreement, takes umbrage with a Second Amendment right, one only recently re-emphasized by the Supreme Court!

They state that if Jovan Belcher had not had a gun, then the murder suicide would not have happened. Of course, they refuse to recognize that it could just as easily have happened with a knife, or with a bow and arrow, as it did in Wyoming on Friday. They refuse to recognize that it could have just as easily happened with a car bomb, or a fire, or with a vehicle, like it does 11,000 times a year with drunk drivers in the United States.

I wonder if Mr. Whitlock and Mr. Costas feel the same way about their 1st Amendment rights, which must be defended at times with the very weapons that they so vehemently argue against? Shall we remove their rights to write and speak, simply because someone disagrees with that right?

I have enjoyed NBC's sports coverage, but I will no longer support it, as you have now demonstrated your disagreement with protections specifically enumerated within the Constitution. We used to call that treason, though I suspect todays world has changed so much that that concept is foreign to many.

A once loyal viewer.

Gandalfdjh said...

Looks like a NFL player want to kill and die. Even with all his money, he could not find help and learn to control himself. He made the decision to kill and then die himself.

This was his mind set. He would have done this with any tool available to him.

He wanted to KILL!

He wanted to DIE!

The 2nd amendment is not at fault.

It was a mental problem and the fact he could not control his urge to KILL and DIE!

Besides the 2nd amendment should we not also blame the doctors, hospitals and mental help individuals?

Anonymous said...

Please post the up to date number if any one knows, but 8 million concealed carry permit holders killed
... no one Saturday December 1st

Anonymous said...

Just watching Fox News with an interview with Jim Gray who is listed as sportscaster. He supported Bob Costas' with the claim that without a gun there would have been no murder. I guess sportscasters aren't smart enough to notice that people with the strength of a football player wouldn't even need a weapon.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Fox News; Does anyone notice how they avoid any discussion of gun-rights, the Second Amendment, or what is going on at the UN, with the plan to "control" and eventually ban private ownership of guns?

O'Reilly gives the Second Amendment lip-service, but deep-down, he seems to be just another "urban socialist" that "doesn't feel he needs a gun, so why should anyone else have one?"-type.

Sean Hannity is like a miniature French Poodle; sharp little teeth, but not very effective either. He talks about gun rights occaisionally, but can never seem to put it all together into a rational argument as to why we have and need them and how we are all being threatened.(You can add his feeble "vetting" of Obama in 2008 to that too.) Fox seems to tolerate his "noise", only because they can also see that he is "doing no harm to the cause".

Greta was steam-rolled by the "Fast and Furious" bunch and hasn't touched "guns" since.

Glenn Beck was the only one to actually address the threats to the Second Amendment and why it is being threatened and we all saw what happened to him. Now, Beck has been reduced to being only a memory. What he was saying is no longer "the talk of the town". He's "off the radar"!

I repeatedly go to Fox News-dot-com and search for any coverage of the UN Small Arms Trade Treaty, or other UN gun related info'. Even though much is actually happening there, the last time that it was mentioned on Fox was last July and it didn't get any deep coverage.

If more was discussed about this administartions plans for the Second Amendment and gun control before the election, we would have had a different outcome. It seems like this is all some sort of plan, doesn't it?

Life Member

Rob Drummond said...

The trouble is the MEDIA (regardless of what source; radio, TV, newspapers,etc) will always legitmize anti 2nd views. And people such as this a..hole know it and cater to it. I fear for our gun rights now & in the near future and these wacks add to my fears. As much as I support the NRA they will be of no help from the UN Small Arms Treaty is ratified. They couldn't stop the AW Ban back in the 90's, right?

On a bright spot though I was in a local gun store and it was packed & guns were flying out of the store. AR's, hand guns, & tactical shotguns were what was hot.
Rob Drummond
Hillsboro, NH

Exurbankevin said...

Because we all know there is no way, NO WAY that an NFL linebacker could have killed a defenseless, unarmed woman without a gun.

Costas, Whitlock and their ilk would be perfectly happy to disarm victims of domestic abuse in order to fulfill their utopian dreams. In the meantime, other domestic abuse victims say "Enough!" and choose to arm themselves against their oppressors.

Anonymous said...

This isn't a bit surprising. After the election debacle, the American left is emboldened, now content with the knowledge that the nation, along with its economy and culture, is essentially in their complete control. Any remaining resistance from the right is largely trivial (thanks, John Roberts), and in ten years the state of the nation today will look damn conservative compared to where it is then. They know this, the right knows this.

So it is that from the president on down to TV commentators that every American leftist is not only allowed to bludgeon conservatives and libertarians with their views, they are actually safe and secure in doing so. This isn't just your standard victory lap, but a form of total cultural and political war, in which every left-wing media and political figure is a recruit. Be it on guns, taxes, health care, foreign policy, immigration, abortion, or any other issue, the left will now not relent until their desires are completely satisfied, and that each issue has gone so far even to the left of Marx that the America of this moment will resemble a utopia in memory.

These brain-dead but insidious remarks by this evil little troll Costas are indeed frightening because they represent the beginnings of a new dynamic, where soon even the most ostensibly American and non-partisan pleasures of our culture will be politicized by the left and used as weapons to enact their wicked agenda. Gun owners are right to despair, as the coming decade will see an erosion of firearms rights so severe that gun owners will yearn for the Clinton era when the only effect was that high capacity magazines were artificially expensive. Dark days ahead.

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