Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Few Sunday Thoughts...

I cooked last night, wild-caught sockeye salmon, cooked in a clay pot on a bed of bay leaves and portobello mushrooms. I threw some fresh asparagus into the pot as well, added lemon juice and butter, cooked for about 30 minutes. Came out pretty good, if I do say so myself.

We have a long hike planned with Alf the Wonder Beagle this afternoon. It's sunny and disgustingly beautiful up high  today, but it is February and it is cold. I just finished rereading Robert Ruark's Horn of the Hunter, which I dove into after finishing the last book in the late Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series, A Memory of Light (written by Brandon Sanderson from Jordan's notes). It's kinda weird finishing a series that I've been reading since its inception in 1990...I've "known" those characters longer than I've known my Sweetie! LOL! Some of the books were better than others, but hey, some of my books were better than others. In truth, I liked the series finale, and Horn of the Hunter was every bit as good as I remembered it.

Of course the fight goes on, but you've got to get your head out it every so often. There's also a lot of work pressure about a few weeks the merger between Outdoor Channel and the Sportsman Channel will close, and everything will be different...or not.

Show production is more or less on hold until we see what the new landscape looks like. All in all, I'm having a great season...GUN STORIES is absolutely kicking butt; SHOOTING GALLERY is at a whole different level and having its best season ever; even THE BEST DEFENSE is solid. RAPID FIRE is renewed and we'll go forward with Mike and Iain on Season 2 in late March. Our plan is to do some international travel for SG and GS in the spring, which frankly seems a long way off...the diagnosis is cabin fever, to be sure!

I'll be happy when the weather breaks a little and shooting season starts again!

BTW, the Ruger Rimfire World Championships will be held on the weekend of 20 July 2013 at the Colorado Rifle Club near Denver, with my friend Mark Passamaneck as Match Director. We intend to make this a spectacular match, and we fully expect it to fill up. As soon as we have sign-up information I'll let you know!


Anonymous said...

You gonna make Winter Range?

- Grizz

Eric said...

I just see it now, Jim Scoutten and MB team up on Shooting Gallery USA, with special guest, LAV.

nj larry said...

LOL...what I would like to see is MB,Scoutten,Nuge, hell Lee Emery, all the hosts engage in an Appleseed weekend. Film it and no editing out the wayward shots !

Make the point that we are in this fight together and channels and shows don't matter. Just like the knocking down of brewski's with Reagan and Tip O'neil.

Unknown said...

So let me ask - why hold it in Colorado? Why let the state have the revenue?
Hold it in a bordering state and when all is done - pass the information of just how much the state lost in services, retail, hospitality back to the gov of CO. YOU LOST THIS $$$$ from your loon stand on guns.

Anonymous said...

Good luck tomorrow. Some of us tried our best, many tried even harder to protect our rights.

Thank you for your guidance and efforts Michael Bane.

Michael Bane said...

Unknown, fair question...the deal was done before all this crap hit the fan, and now we have contractual, and personal, obligations. Unlike Democrats in Colorado, my word is good.

Grizz, not making Winter Range this year...instead, taking a long weekend off with the Sweetie. With all that's gone on, we really didn't get a chance to shoot the number of cold weather matches that we have the last few years. I haven't shot a match since November, which is the longest I haven't competed in years.


Anonymous said...

I'm reading HORN OF THE HUNTER for the first time. Outstanding !! Your efforts are appreciated. Woody

Anonymous said...

Damn nj larry, you might be onto something!

Michael, you could do a back-woods outing like the ones Henry Ford did back in the 20's. He hung-out with Thomas Edison and Harvey Firestone and other influential people of the time. Most were other innovators such as himself. They all helped shape our culture and society. He had it all filmed and photographed for posterity too. I still find it all inspiring.

At your "event", there'd be shootin', eatin' and talkin'. I think that you'd be even better at it!

Life Member

RParker said...

Well Michael, I just heard that HB 1224 just passed there in CO. The fight isn't over yet, but if it comes down to bugging out or living in a Californicated Colorado, I for one will happily welcome you personally to the great state of Texas.

nj larry said...

Holy smokes...just read this over on TTAG. Apparently ALL the anti-gun bills passed thru the House this afternoon.

This really sucks big time. Heard John Lott also this afternoon and he said that the "plan" Joe Biden was pushing is to have major victories like this CO situation in the states and use the wins for pushing Fed legislation. Really very sad for everyone. Even this guy on the other side of the continent. I was planning on retiring out west. Now not much reason to.

Elm Creek Smith said...
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Elm Creek Smith said...

Y'all can come to Oklahoma proper if you like. We like guns even more than the folks in Baja Oklahoma south of the Red.


Elm Creek Smith said...

I cooked linguini with a white clam sauce* last night. There wasn't enough left for me to bring for lunch today.


*(Olive oil, butter, garlic, thyme, white wine, clam juice, all the clams that will fit in the pan, salt and pepper to taste. Any clams that don't open you discard.)

Anonymous said...

Sent an email to the Governor of Colorado asking him to not sign the anti-bills into law. I promised him I will never stpe foot in Colorado or spend any of my money in Colorado if those bills become law in any fashion.

I wonder how much he was promised by Bloomberg and Obama if he joined them in renouncing their oaths of office?

Jkwas said...

I feel for the freedom loving people of Colorado. When things like this happen, A little part of us dies.
Keep the pressure up, don't let them win!

Anonymous said...

Is there the possibility of recall elections?