Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Why Isn't It Friday?

"The whole world s a tree, Raylan...I'm just a squirrel trying to get a nut."
"Boyd Crowder"

The week is indeed grinding slowly...I'm sorting through my health insurance, which thanks to the miracle of ObamaCare, more than doubled in premium costs. On the plus side, as I've mentioned before, I now have FULL pregnancy benefits!

Picked up 2 Spike's Tactical lowers that just came in (well, a week or so ago, since I was waiting for the 4473s to clear). One of the lowers is dedicated to a .300 Blackout project. The other is maybe spoken for. I also picked up a wonderful Nighthawk Custom .22 LR 1911 as a T&E. It's threaded, so I can probably shoot it in the next couple of days, suppressed.

Speaking of which, here's a Salon hit piece on suppressors...these people are boring. And when yu get through reading that piece of crap, here's a more interesting piece on mass killers:
For example, the attention given to Sueng Hui Cho (VA Tech) with his fearsome pose. Not just in the tabloids, but above the fold in that NY paper whose motto is "all the news that's fit to print". It does turn monsters into celebrities. Take the coverage of Columbine: cover of Time with the pictures and headline "Monsters next door." Sure, as adults we saw Klebold and Harris as monsters, but there would have been a few alienated adolescents who saw them as heroes . . . not only did they get even with the jocks, and the nasty teachers, but they're famous for it.
What i said...the MSM chums up lunatics for their own sick reasons. And here's another funny...even the progressive Left SOBs themselves admit their own gun control jewel, the AWB Ban, wouldn't amount to, as my friend Charlie Daniels once said, "a nickel's worth of warm piss:"
Fully 88 percent of the gun murders for which the kind of gun is identifiable in the records were committed with handguns. Which isn't surprising at all, given that there are so many of them and that the typical gun murder isn't a mass shooting committed by a deranged killer, it's an argument that gets out of hand, a grudge that gets impulsively settled, or a robbery gone wrong. And we don't know how many of the 300 to 400 murders every year classified as "rifles" are with hunting rifles, or what would be considered assault weapons. So if you're going to argue that an assault-weapons ban won't solve our gun problem, you'd be right. That doesn't mean it isn't worth doing, just that it isn't the be-all and end-all.
All smoke and mirrors...remember, the operative word in "gun control" is control.

Tomorrow is air rifle day, no matter what. This is the longest I haven't pulled a triggering several years.


2Savage said...

Damn MB, a nickle's worth of warm piss could be a significant amount-unless it's doe-in heat warm piss and it's deer season.

DamDoc said...

We are bracing in Maine.. a coalition of gun grabbers have linked hands, and they and their elected whores are having a 10 AM press conference to announce their legilative adjenda today... its not going to be pretty, the only question is whether there are enough of us... hopefully in Maine, there are, but we have been getting more and more people "from away" coming into the state. This is truly a war, and we need to not lose the resolve.. keep writing, calling and emailing

Gary B. said...

Glad to see your an Fx "Justified" tv show fan Michael.

JohninMd.(HELP!) said...

Pray for us back in the East. Today (Wed. the 6th.) is "Gun Day" in the Md. state Senate, and Gov. O'Malley would love to out-do Cuomo in N.Y. The Chair of Judicial Proceedings Com. is not a friend, having killed "shall issue" legislation twice w/a 'desk drawer' veto, after it passed the house of delagates UNANIMOUSLY. I've been 'compromising" for 40 years. No more..... III

Anonymous said...

Michael! when is outdoor channel going to get with the times and start putting full episodes on line. more and more young people are watching there favorite shows the on their computers (as its cheaper and more convenient) History does it with their top shows like ax men and discovery does it with shows like bering sea gold. they even have comercials. i know alot of people including myself would love to watch your shows but i will never pay for television cause its 99%crap. I love the podcast by the way, thanks for what you do! -Andrew west-

Anonymous said...

Beware of inadvertently falling into a trap when arguing the efficacy of an "assault weapons" ban. Many of the points that we make just lead to justifying a ban on everything. Don't fall into that trap. It sounds like we're at least rationalizing a handgun ban.

It isn't about the power of a gun. It isn't about how many rounds it can shoot in a minute. It isn't about anything other than owning a gun is a Constitutional Right! A RIGHT that we are born with. A right that IS NOT granted by government! I need a modern defensive weapon to defend myself.

Life Member