Sunday, February 03, 2013

Chris Kyle, R.I.P.

As you've probably all heard, "American Sniper" Chris Kyle was murdered at a range in  Texas. The reports are confused, but it appears Chris and another person had taken a Marine vet suffering from post-traumatic stress to the range, something he'd done numerous times. That person shot Chris and the other person in the back at point blank range.

Chris was an American hero, a man who gave much to his country, who cared deeply about his fellow veterans, who committed his money and his time to reaching out and helping the veterans in need. He was also a part of the OUTDOOR CHANNEL family, someone I knew and respected immensely.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Chris' family in this terrible time.

Rest in peace, Chris.


gunman42782 said...

This is a shame. RIP Kyle.

Steve T. said...

When I first heard this news: Confusion. Shock. Sadness. Anger. Sadness again.

It's Bill Hickok all over again. Shot in the back by a crazed coward.

I wish all the best to his family and friends.

Just horrible news.

Steve B. said...

This is very sad news indeed. But I wouldn't call the Marine a coward. PTSD is a very crippling disease that this Marine contracted in service to his country. I suspect that it was not the Marine that shot Chirs Kyle and his friend, but PTSD. Please don't take this as somehow defending the shooter, that is not what I am doing; only trying to bring some sense to this tradegy if only for my comfort. I believe Chris knew the danger in working with PTSD victims and how terrible PTSD can be; perhaps that is why he wanted to help them. This time something went horribly wrong and we may never know the answer. We lost a hero this past weekend but Heaven gained one. I pray for peace and comfort for his family and that they understand that he didn't die in vain. He will be rewarded in Heaven for service. I pray also for the family of the friend that was with Chris.

Dave S. said...

Let me get this straight. Here we are telling the grabbers that the problem isn't guns, it's mentally ill people getting hold of guns. And then what do people on our side do? Charity events in which mentally ill people are given guns. Idiotic and tragic.