Friday, February 01, 2013

Friday Afternoon Margaritas

I'm experimenting tonight with Grand Marnier, Famiia Camarena Silver Tequila and fresh lime juice...maybe a touch of agave sweetener. I promise you guys when we have the SHOOTING GALLERY training weekend, I'll play bartender at the margarita bar post event BBQ.


Anonymous said...

You deserve it Mike. Good week keeping us up to date.

shawn w said...

training weekend?

would this be open to us pod people?
details please.

Anonymous said...

Yes, enjoy the weekend. Thanks for all your efforts and wise words.

Anonymous said...

I'll bring along a little Jameson in case the margaritas run low.


Brandon said...

Use Resposado tequilla, it is nice and smooth especially with the GM you are using. I do that with lime aid frozen juice mix adn it is awsome.