Saturday, February 16, 2013

For Colorado, What Do We Do Now?

Obviously, we keep fighting, but the fight will go in other directions. We need to reach out to the state Senators, even though they will ignore us exactly the same way the House Reps did. We also need to constantly barrage the Governor with emails, mail, calls, etc.

The reason that our strength of numbers isn't working is because my sources tell me that Michael Bloomberg and the Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG) organization, who provided the boilerplate for the laws, paid for all the witnesses and essentially organized this whole bit of theater, will finance a primary election challenges from the left for any Democrat who breaks rank and votes against these bills.

The fight will continue in the courts...I have spent a lot of time with attorneys the last few days, and most of these laws are patently unconstitutional. The reason the magazine capacity was raised from 10 to 15 was an attempt to try to get the law to pass Constitutional muster. The fact that a person can't sell or transfer standard capacity magazines after 1 July is probably by legal definition a "taking," the state either seizing property or rendering it worthless. One firearms attorney I spoke with was skeptical that the "Exemptions" provision of the universal background check bill would stand. But anyone who says they guarantee a court will rule one way or the other is a liar.

The fight will continue in the 2014 elections...laws can and have been repealed. My person plan is to travel to each of the districts were ostensibly "pro-gun" Democrats are running for reelection, set up events for shooters and make sure that everyone in those mostly rural districts understand who sold them out. Conversely, I've already told some of the bills' opponents that I will unconditionally support them, with appearances if they think it will help.

For individuals, it's time to protect as many standard capacity magazines as you can afford. If you're dealing with competition magazines, say for USPSA competition, don't be afraid to directly ask the smaller companies you deal with to maybe move you to the top of the purchase list. Will that work? Don't know, but it's worth a try. There are AR 30 and 40 round magazines trickling into the market...check out Centerfire Systems, CDNN, The Mako Group, and keep tabs on sites like AR15News. For non-AR mags, they are around, but many retailers are capping the number at 2 per purchase per day, so you're probably going to become a really regular customer!

You may need to clarify issues of firearms ownership...for example, if you and your Significant Other are not married, then under the "Exceptions" provisions of the universal background check law you may need to make sure that firearms used by both people are jointly owned and can therefore be used by either person. The same for standard capacity magazines...remember, the purpose of these laws is not to reduce crime, protect children, whatever...the purpose of these laws is to trap you and provide a framework where you can be stripped of your rights.

Right now, it's hard to give specific advice, because the bills haven't passed, much less become law, and, ultimately, the courts will have to interpret them.

More gun laws in Colorado will be forthcoming, so the other shoe hasn't dropped. One of those may be an "assault weapons" ban. It may make sense to source and purchase an AR lower if you can find one, and I have seen more of them coming onto the market in recent days. Yes, you're going to have to ay more than in the "old days" — I've seen them in the plus-or-minus $200 range — but if worse comes to worst, you'll still have a "grandfathered" gun.

And so the fight continues...we'll keep you informed!


Kevin said...

Doesn't Colorado have an initiative process that allows for some other approaches too?

Anonymous said...

Well Michael, watching yesterday's debate was disheartening as, it seemed as if the Dems best case for these proposals was they felt they had to "do something" - with little regard to whether it would have any effect - real or imagined - on ANYTHING.
And, it's no news that Bloomberg's behind it all - as I think that those of us who've been following the national trends have seen his handiwork stamped all over the legislature here too.

If anyone's seen the news out of Missouri - they're about to pass legislation (if they haven't already) demanding all "assault weapons" be turned in w/i 90 days, upon penalty of confiscation for failure to do so (and further penalties as well, I'm sure).
If you think it can't happen here - guess again. This battle has only just begun. The first salvos have barely been fired - with many, many more to come, and each more fierce than the last.

IT CAN AND WILL HAPPEN HERE - but we COULD stop it with enough participation, effort, money and energy. And frankly, we're all a step or two behind at this point it seems.

Time to pick up our game. Time to stand up and be counted.
Time to STAND TO gentlemen!
It's your future. What are you gonna make of it?


Anonymous said...

What if the RTKBA folks went on the offensive about why nothing is being done about dealing with the mentally ill - who are, directly, the cause of the mass killings - rather than infringing the rights of citizens?

Regular Guy said...

If it can happen there it can happen anywhere. Thanks for keeping us abreast of things, Michael.

The Freeholder said...

Some food for thought, and I'd like to hear your thoughts on the subject.

So when is it time to leave--vote with your feet--pick up, pack up and pull out?

I have heard, from the denizens of the once great State of California, that they stay there because it's home, and they're fighting the good fight so those of us elsewhere don't need to fight it in our own backyards.

I will admit to staying in California East (NC) because it's home. Born, raised and hope to die here. But my eyes are open. This isn't the state I grew up in, and even though there seems to be zero traction for gun grabbing at the state level, things change, and we need to be ready to change with them, even if that means a move to somewhere "better".

The whole thing about fighting the battle here has always rang somewhat hollow to me, and more so now with the shenanigans in CO. You fight the battle where you are, true enough--but when do you admit defeat?

Of course, on the flip side, there is the question of how far can you retreat? The US is on a downhill slide IMHO, but if you leave, for where? If you define freedom by the test of "I can own all the guns I want", then this is the last stop. If you're willing to accept some restrictions on that, then there are many other places where your economic and social freedom can be greater than what we have here.

Tough questions, and ones I fear we may need to start considering. Unless Bloomberg does us the favor of slipping on some nice icy steps and breaking his neck.

Anonymous said...

Well crap, sold my only AR years ago as I needed the cash for other interests. I suppose if I ever have any thoughts of trying 3 gun I'd best go buy one, not that I could get any ammo for it. Might have to add one of those nifty Jerry Michlack (sp?) shotguns to that list too. Like I even have the money.


- Grizz

Overload in Colorado said...

I expect the NRA to prevent new gun laws, and expect the SAF and GOA to go after bad laws.
If a simple shift of a local government to all one party can ram anything they want through, what are we to do? There are currently 14 all Democrat states, and 23 Republican one party state governments. Could Missouri, whose government is OVERWHELMINGLY Republican, pass their ban? Sounds like they're not our friends either.
It's a long time until the next election, hopefully the people will remember and vote the bums out.

SJPrice said...

The tree of freedom is getting drier by the day.

"Always Drink Upstream From The Herd"

RVN11B said...

For all intents and purposes the presented bills here in Missouri are destined for the trash can. In fact one of the sponsors has bowed out and withdrew her sponsorship.

Also taking in consideration the atmosphere of damning the anti-gunners bull crap, I really do believe those bills will be DOA.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Something to think about. Find out EXACTLY what is now Legal, but will be declared Illegal ASAP. Remember, they aren't going for ALL the Guns (YET). If you own Firearms that will soon be declared Illegal, then ship them out. You may have to go through an FFL to do so, but if you have Family or Friends that live in a Free State, then having them stored outside the State's Reach means you don't face the possibility of Confiscation. If they have to "BUY" them from you, then fill out the Forms needed and tell anyone who asked you sold them for Cash. I'm doing that right now for a Nephew who's in the Navy and is stuck in Kalifornia. If you don't have that option, then putting them in Storage outside the State Line might be an Option. Many Kalifornians have moved their Firearms to Nevada. But Monthly Storage Shed Fees do add up.

Then, looking at what is Legal to own (at least for now), purchase what you feel you need for your Situation. Lever Guns, Pump Shotguns, Revolvers, Bolt-Action Rifles are still viable means of Home Defense and Self-Protection.

Look, there will be one of 2 things happening in the next couple of weeks. You'll either end up like New York State, or the Politicians will realize that they were Stupid and Reverse themselves. I don't think you'll be getting any Reversals, so do what you can to keep your Firearms out of the Hands of the Gun Grabbers, while the Battle drags on in Court and/or you can Vote the Bums Out. Stay Legal, of course, but think of the looks on their Faces when they come to the Door for YOUR Guns and you hand them some Paperwork telling them "Go to Montana and get them."

But something tells me that when they get to the Confiscation Stage, that the program won't last that long. The Police might be Facing other Issues to spend the Manpower on House-to-house searches for a Mini-14.

YMMV, of course.

Anonymous said...

Michael you were spot on with your comments about elections and how people are put in office and by whom. It is big money plain and simple. Please, please keep fighting and we will also keep fighting this tyranny. They want to ruin and destroy America. We can not stand by and let them accomplish that goal.

thoricuncle said...

Michael, our mountains are nothing compared to Colorado's but we do have some beautiful country here in Kentucky. We have the highest number of firearms per capita and some of the best firearm laws in the country.

Overload in Colorado said...

I still want to know what happens when I want to buy a .458 SOCOM magazine for my AR. It holds 9 rounds of .458 or 30 rounds of .223. Is it legal to sell or transfer in Colorado if the law passes?

Anonymous said...

Well said MB. If more were personally involved in the battle like yourself there may be a chance to temporarily stop these laws. After too much talk about the NRA being the leading defender of gun rights, hopefully more will begin to see their only purpose is to redistribute funds to the GOP. However, this fight will eventually be lost by all wishing to own guns. With third world immigration supported by both zionist controlled parties, how is it possible for the culture of this country to survive? It wont and that is the plan. Anyone who has been to Denver lately knows it is not an American town anymore.

William Wallace

Michael Bane said...

"Stand, in the end, you'll still be you
One that's done all the things you set out to do
Stand, there's a cross for you to bear
Things to go through if you're goin' anywhere

Stand for the things you know are right
It's the truth that the truth makes them so uptight
Stand, all the things you want are real
You have you to complete and there is no deal

Stand, stand, stand
Stand, stand, stand"

Stupid as it sounds, I believe there is a a cross for me to bear. My Sweetie and I have discussed what the "trigger" is for us to leave Colorado. We haven't gotten to that trigger yet. I will continue the fight because I believe in the battle and because. hell, I'm too damn stupid NOT to fight.

BTW, I have a .458 SOCOM upper coming from Wilson, because, Overload, I'm going to find out what that situation is on that caliber.

I will stand...I ask you to stand with me.

Michael B

Anonymous said...

Best of luck with CO. It's a beautiful state and would hate to see it fall.

At the same time, you may wish to hold off the house building and vote with your feet in a few years.


Sadltrmp said...

Keep fighting brother.
Those of us here in rural upstate NY feel like we've been kicked in the groin and I know how you're feeling.
There is still some hope here that we can get these laws repealed - but it will be a herculean uphill battle to do it!
If there is any way for you to stop them in CO, I hope you can get it done.
I have a great fear for where this once great country is headed, and it is not good. I keep thinking that this must have been a lot like Rome was when Caesar was in power.
When the 3% are gone, if we don't prevail our succeeding generations will live in darkness for a long time.
Molon Labe!

Anonymous said...

We keep fighting. And may Colorado be a warning klaxon for other states to come down hard on their respective state legislatures.

Michael, I was able to listen to your last podcast yesterday and something you said rang very true and hard: They hate us.

But they not only hate us because we are independent but also because we remind them they are emasculated.

Anonymous said...


As a non-Colorado resident, I can't help much with your current plight, but what I can do is tell you that if your legislature and Governor sign this garbage into law, my next step will be a personal boycott of the the state of Colorado. I've thoroughly enjoyed visiting and vacationing in your state over the years, but that will come to an immediate end. In addition, I'll encourage everyone I know to take their vacation, skiing, and hunting dollars elsewhere.

If these people won't listen to their residents, maybe they'll listen to the threat of the loss of tourism dollars. We need to find a way to get the NRA, GOA, SAF, etc. on board with actively pushing boycotts of states, like New York, who pass this crap.

Keep up the good fight.


DamDoc said...

Maine was under seige this week by the leftist rag known as "the bangor daily news".. (BDN) they made a foia request for all the ccws in the state.. names and addresses. The reaction was swift and severe.. subscribers and advertisers and public outrage shut it down cold.. the paper rescinded the request, and then performed a hurt dance blaming we narrow minded for stopping the "good things" they had intended. I hope the silver lining was to scare some of our NEW dem majority in the state house and senate enough to stand down on some of the egredious crap they have been threatening to date, but i guess that remains to be seen. Some people are just plane intransigent hoplaphobes. We still have a great republican governor (paul lepage, who the dems have constant hissy fits about) who posted a pictue of himself holding his ccw in support of the shit storm against the BDN... Fortunately, for at least 2 more years, he holds the veto pen. we too may be moving after that if things do not go well

Anonymous said...

Phil Oklahoma.... Hope you sent a letter to Gov. making these points, as I did from FL. You'll receive a canned reply, but maybe it will open some eyes. If he receives enough input on lost tourist dollars, maybe it will help the cause.

Anonymous said...

I did contact the Governor's office and explain my position, though I have yet to receive my canned reply. Like you said, if enough people express their willingness to take their money elsewhere, maybe it will get their attention.


BBJohnnyT said...
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BBJohnnyT said...
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Anonymous said...

I know MagPul will go through with their threat of leaving Colorado, do you think we could get them to bump Coloradans up on their list of whom to sell to as a kind of last f-you to the .gov folks?


Anonymous said...

The thoughts about "takings" are on the mark. Better yet, it uses established case law, forces a budget crisis if a class action suit is won, and avoids a potentially bad decision on second amendment grounds.

Elm Creek Smith said...

I posted this on Victory Girls earlier, but it fits here, too.

“I shall not comply.” I can’t speak for others, so this is my word on the subject.

“I shall not comply.” Regardless of the laws that are passed under false pretenses (regulating insterstate commerce?), they are invalid under Amendment II, Constitution of the United States.

“I shall not comply.” Don’t send the local police for my guns, because they will not do it. Don’t send the state police for my guns, for they will not do it. Don’t send the military for my guns, for they will not do it. If you send federal law enforcement for my guns, well,….let’s just say it’s not a good idea.

“I shall not comply.” I’ve already told my US Senators and Congressman where I stand using those words. It’s time we all did.

“I shall not comply.”


Anonymous said...

Michael, I lived in WI when concealed carry was passed by the assembly and senate but was vetoed by Gov. Dirty Jim Doyle.

The support was so great that an attempt was made to override his veto.
2 senators changed their vote and 1 assembly member-who had actually wrote a piece supporting concealed carry in his local newspaper-changed his vote and the veto wasn't overridden.

What happens is that the party will caucus and say, all right sen. so-and-so and one other will be allowed to vote to override the veto because you are in a vulnerable seat.

In CO's case, they may do the same thing, make it close but still get the legislation which Chickencooper will sign.
He's been ordered to by Bloomburg and BeadyEyesBiden.

Don't be fooled by Demonrats. When the chips are down, they will vote for the party over the people.