Monday, June 03, 2013

Colorado's Worst Senator Recalled!

Colorado Senate President John Morse, whom famously went on MSNBC and bragged how he instructed Colorado Democrats to ignore their constituencies and vote for the Michael Bloomberg antigun package, has been recalled:

Colorado Springs, CO, June 4,2013, The Basic Freedom Defense Fund (BFDF,the Colorado grassroots group heading the recall of State Senate President John Morse (D-Colorado Springs) has submitted16,046 District 11 voter petition signatures to the Colorado Secretary of States' office for the recall of John Morse.


Anonymous said...


Keep fighting them. They are truly un-American.

thoricuncle said...

Ignoring your constituency is a mistake a politician gets to make once.

Anonymous said...

A small clarification: He hasn't actually lost his seat. What has happened is more than enough signatures have been collected to hold a recall election. You've used the term correctly but it could lead to some confusion as the term "recalled" can mean either to hold another election by voter petition OR that he loses the aforementioned election.

Gary B. said...

Sweet. Way to go CO.

Darrell said...

I mostly see a big white box, with a little white box above it. The little box has some words in it about the recall effort. :S

Tango said...

So I'm stupid... does this mean that they are out of office? Is there a date that they are done by? Is this like an impeachment where it just means that they are on double secret probation where nothing will actually come about by it?

Matthew said...


Recalled to a special election. (had to look it up myself)

Trial by voters essentially.

From the Washington Post on the process: "The special election would ask whether Morse should be recalled, and if so, who should replace him. Voters would answer both questions, though the second wouldn’t be counted if Morse holds on.

Any candidate with 1,000 signatures could make that second part of the ballot, except the incumbent, opening the door for a Democratic candidate as a replacement. Democrats hold a narrow registration advantage in the district."