Monday, June 17, 2013

PMAG 40s Now Available!

Get 'em while they're hot! Coloradoans, you've got 2 weeks to stock up or you're going to have to drive to Cheyenne or make the Pilgrimage to the Mother Church in Sidney, NE. The only thing that would be better than 40-round PMAGS is a "commemorative" version with "Colorado Sucks!" engraved on the side.

Plus, I've just discovered that grey is the new does stuff like this happen? I was just getting ready to pain my grey Honda Element FDE and now I discover that it's already totally stealth tactical and I'm once again behind the curve. Not to mention that Ripley, my grey parrot, is so stealth I can barely see him at all except for his red tail feathers. Fashion always seems to be slipping by me.

Here's a must read article, BTW, in REASON, called How Should We Classify the Sandy Hook Killings:
It may seem self-evident that the killings at Sandy Hook Elementary ought to be classified as a shooting event, or as aschool shooting or a mass shooting. Of course we classify events into categories that make sense to us, and it is easy to take familiar categories for granted. We learn of terrible crimes and we are accustomed to commentators talking about incidents as instances. But the ways we make sense of the world—the terms we use to describe that world—are created by people, and they are continually evolving, so that specific categories come into and fall out of favor. In fact, in recent decades, Americans have understood events like the Newtown killings in a variety of ways.
Definitely read the whole thing...some great insights there.

And just a heads-up...ASSAULTED: CIVIL RIGHTS UNDER FIRE, the documentary on the Second Amendment produced by Kris Koenig and my good friend Eric Katzenberg, will be premiering in select cities on 20 June. 


Anonymous said...

Thanks Michael. 40-rd PMAGS inbound (allegedly). I appreciate the heads up.

As for tactical fashion - what can I say, it's a burden. First FDE was the new OD, then FDE was the new Black, and now Grey is the new FDE. Who knew? Truth is, it only matters if you're a tacticool fanboi - and we KNOW none of those are on here.


AlanR said...

I had no idea my grey tortoise shell calico cat was tacticool! I had noticed that she blends right into both the sidewalk and tree trunks though.

Anonymous said...


In response to Michael's post regarding the 2nd Amendment movie "Assaulted: Civil Rights Under Fire," I will be hosting a screening of the film at the AMC Livoia 20 theatre in Livonia, MI on July 10th at 7:30 PM. Tickets are available now for $12.00. We need a minimum of 78 Patriots to buy tickets for the movie in order for the theatre to show the film.

Help "Free State Patriots" bring this must see film to Michigan by visiting the following link and purchasing your tickets today!

Assaulted: Civil Rights Under Fire
Presented by Free State Patriots
Wednesday, July 10 7:30pm - 9:04pm
in Livonia, MI at AMC Livonia 20 $12.00 General

Forward this message to all your friends in Michigan, let's get the word out and help defend the 2nd Amendment!

Thank you,

Free State Patriots
Milford, MI