Thursday, June 20, 2013


One Source Tactical, creators of Operation Colorado Freedom, are offering an INCREDIBLE MAGAZINE DEAL for COLORADO RESIDENTS ONLY as we approach the 1 July deadline for the implementation of Michael Bloomberg's suite of unconstitutional laws, including a ban on magazines with greater than 15 round capacity:

BOX OF FIFTY TSD Combat Systems MAG15 M4 Magazines (30 Round)
$575 Plus Shipping
As the day approaches when Colorado's magazine ban comes into effect, we are proud to support Colorado residents with one last hurrah. We are offering FIFTY of our excellent TSD MAG15 magazines at a reduced price.
This price is for Colorado residents only. Any order with a shipping address outside Colorado will be charged the regular price.
This offer will end at 3pm on Monday, June 24th, in order to ensure we can get these magazines delivered before July 1st.

Remember, this deal ONLY lasts until 24 June and is for Colorado Residents, including dealers, only! The magazines must be delivered before 1 July, when Colorado officially joins the ranks of slave states.

Once again, there's the link.

I can't speak highly enough of these magazines. I own a bunch of understanding is that these mags are made by the respected Lancer Systems to TSD standards and I have found them to be excellent...that is, they work and I can't break them.

Love it quick; you ain't gonna have it long!