Thursday, November 21, 2013

Confederates in the Attic

“No one makes a big deal of it, but if you’re a fly on the wall in any of their homes — I’ll tell you what: If you track the Confederate Army to the Dixiecrats, to the conversation of the Republicans, to the districts that were affected, you may be dealing with different labels, but if they were ever able to track down their ancestors, there’s a Confederate general in every damn living room."

— Charlie Rangel
(D-New York)

So I spent the day looking for the Confederate general in my living room...under the couch, behind the television, in Pokkee-San the Tailless Manx's bowl...nothing...nothing, I tell you. Paging Stonewall Jackson! Where are you, dude?

Today was a bitch, and I didn't expect it to be a bitch. I expected to spend the whole day working on my Ruger SR-762, getting the Giselle 3-Gun trigger in, changing out a couple of other parts. Instead, it turns out that I'm a television producer, which actually requires me to occasionally produce television. Who knew? I also did cleared snow out of the Secret Hidden Bunker's driveway, but that was the fun part.

I'm trying to get the last episode of SHOOTING GALLERY 2014 to miraculously fall into's another one of my nitwit ideas, recreate a scene from one of the greatest "gun movies" of all time, WAY OF THE GUN. I have actors...I have locations...I have guns...hopefully, by tomorrow, I'll have FX. Did you know blanks cost $1.05 apiece? I sincerely hope we can pull this will SO rock!

I'm paying close attention to the savage wave of anti-hunting sentiment that is sweeping the Internet. Given that Matthew Inman is a brain-dead scumbag, it's a little frightening to see the crucifixion
of Melissa Bachman, who in fact has done nothing wrong, illegal or unethical. Indeed, as was the case of Mike Baker with Under Wild Skies. For years, we've said that hunters needed to stand with shooters; ironically, it's time for shooters to stand with hunters. An attack on one is an attack on all. An attack by a piece of crap like Matthew Inman on Melissa Bachman is no different than an attack on the ownership of ARs or .50 BMG Barrett rifles.

And speaking of pieces of crap, as I predicted years ago, the Interior Department is taking steps to force shooters off public land. The greenies in USFS have always had a hard-on against shooters, using whatever lies and misrepresentations they could come up with to shut down recreational shooting. It's going to get much worse...according to U.S. News:
Gun owners who have historically been able to use public lands for target practice would be barred from potentially millions of acres under new rules drafted by the Interior Department, the first major move by the Obama administration to impose limits on firearms.
If the draft policy is finally approved, some public access to Bureau lands to hunters would also be limited, potentially reducing areas deer, elk, and bear hunters can use in the West.
In our brutal battle with USFS' jihad a few years back, I predicted that the fight was a trial run for nationwide rollout. I was, unfortunately,  right. 


kmitch200 said...

The greenies in USFS have always had a hard-on against shooters

And the BLM is their bitch.
I see just as much damage, or more, from ATVs as I do from shooters. But I don't want to ban, restrict or over regulate ATVs. I wish they would cut us the same slack.
(note: I have been injured by an ATV driver out in BFE but never by a shooter)

Blanks are that expensive? REAL ammo isn't that much!

DamDoc said...

Oh yeah Rangie?.. well, no one makes a big deal of it here either, but if you’re a fly on the wall in any of their homes — I’ll tell you what: If you track the history of communism and the communist propensity for genocide to the communist workers party, to the conversation of the Democrats, to the districts that they have infected, you may be dealing with different labels, but if they were ever able to track down their ancestors, there’s a Lenin/Mao/Pol Pot sociopath in every damn living room, just jumping to take our guns and send us east in box cars.

John Richardson said...

I don't have any Confederate generals in my attic, either. Thanks to a first cousin who has done the genealogical research I did find a few Confederate privates who served with various NC infantry and cavalry units.

One of these ancestors was at the Battle of Antietam and probably was shooting at Sebastian's Union ancestor. Fortunately, neither was a good shot and we are both here generations later.

Anonymous said...

When I read the Constitution, I fail to see a federal power to "own and manage large tracts of land" other than fortifications, harbors, armories, etc. So maybe it is time to force the federal lands out of federal control - turn them over to the states, or sell them to the public.

Southpaw said...

Never hunted in my life...don't know how but would love to learn! Although I did hunt for my Confederate general, but all I found was a Rangel. It got away though when I flushed. I think the sound scared it!

As a shooter, I stand firmly in support of hunters. Poachers, however, will be shot on sight!

jerry from upstate new york said...

Mr Cuddy's English class 9th grade.-- where were you guys 50 years ago?

1akmaninfl said...

"Confederates in the Attic" by Tony Horowitz. Good read.

Sharptail said...

To clear up any confusion regarding the mentioned federal agencies--the US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS)is in the Department of Interior, as is the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). the US Forest Service (USFS) is in the Department Of Agriculture, and would also prefer to reduce target shooting on national forests and national grasslands. They (USFS) already limit hunting by making sure that $1.35/Animal Unit Month privately owned livestock get the lion's share of the forage (cover).

Beaumont said...

Some have both Revolutionary War and Confederate generals in the "attic", and those old soldiers, to a man, have the same thing to say to Charlie and his fellow travelers: the time is coming to take the country back for Liberty. Also time for you to look into some overseas real-estate deals.

Greg Tag said...

To Mr. Rangel:

I have no Confederate general in my attic.

I do have a Sergeant from the 16th Texas Cavalry (Dismounted), as well as a Captain from the Frontier Battalion, Texas State Troops.

Honorable men, sacrificing the ease of their firesides and their quiet lives as farmers and ranchers to resist the blueclad invaders who proposed to overturn the results of a Texas election at the point of a bayonet.

Ill take my Confederate kin over your Marxist-Leninist Progressives any day, and twice on Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Rangel,

I DO NOT have any Confederate Generals in my closet. My relatives were in the service of the Czar of Russia during the time of the Civil War. I DO have many dead relatives in Russia now. They all were executed by the Communists when they "transformed" Russia into a communist empire in 1917. YOU would easily recognize that communist revolt. It took an emerging culture and destroyed it, much like YOUR political party is trying to do with America.

Fortunately for me, both sets of grand parents were smart enough to recognize where YOUR political predecessors were taking them and they fled to America.

Never again should we let that happen!

Life Member

P. S.: I am descended from a US Army/WW II veteran, who fought in the South Pacific Theater and was awarded the Purple Heart. That was my father. He fought to preserve the freedom that you are so cavalierly pissing away in your vain-glorious "wisdom".

Now, as for your real predecessors: They may have been slave owners in Africa. Way back in time, you were either an "owner", or you were "owned".

Mike V. said...

My great-great-great grandpappy was a Lt. in the 3rd NC Mounted Inf USA. 2 of his brothers fought in NC regiments for the CSA. So no generals for me either.

After the war, things were uncomfortable enough for him that he packed up he family and moved to southern Colorado. He died in Taos NM and is buried near Kit Carson.

And FWIW the seems to do many things not called for in the Constitution.

Windy Wilson said...

There's no Confederate General in MY living room. What there is there is a lowly Cavalry Private from Pennsylvania who received a gunshot wound through his thigh for his efforts to make men free. What the lowly Confederate Private was fighting for was in essence the same thing; to be free. Rangel and others of that ilk are enemies of both.