Sunday, February 02, 2014

Bruno Mars @ Superbowl

Prince Lite.


DamDoc said...

much better than the last several years, no? too bad the game sucks!

nj larry said...

Ok, I'm calling for drug tests on all the Denver players ! They are playing more like "my little pony" than a freaking BRONCO.

Moosejaw said...

Do football fans really like boy bands? What popular tripe. I'll wait for the superior geriatric styling of the Stones or The Who.

Anonymous said...

There was a half-time show? We didn't notice. Actually, we avoided it again.

We went for the fresh-brewed coffee with the fresh-baked blackberry and blueberry gallette with whipped cream. When we heard the kick-off signal, we were back to watch the "Seattle Slaughter". Ouch!!!!

Life Member

Michael Bane said...

We only watch the half-time show., and even then it's while we're cooking (blue cheese puffs and boiled shrimp). We also had a bottle of leftover champagne from New Year's Eve, and you know how well champagne goes with cheesy-puffs. Sadly, we didn't have any hi-zoot Stilton, but somehow we prevailed.


PS: could at least have offered us some of that blackberry and blueberry gallette!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Michael,

There's a small piece of that gallette left. It's homemade and the whipped cream was home-whipped; 'price is high! ;>)

We served it as dessert, after having a rib-eye roast with jumbo baked potatoes and French-cut green beans that were sauteed in a bit of chicken broth, infused with caramelized Spanish onions. A chilled bottle of Bordeaux's finest "red" washed it all down.

Dinner was kicked-off with a toast to my departed Cossack Grandfather and namesake. That toast was was our traditional vodka from Russia.

Nos Drovia!

Life Member

Matthew said...


Boy band? I saw Motown 2.0 on that stage.

That kid plays all his own instruments and writes his own songs (and songs for others). He seamlessly and effortlessly references classic American pop, funk and soul.

He brought up Ziggy Marley and the Police at his Grammy win performance to demonstrate the evolution of ska into mainstream pop and show his respect for those who came before.

More like Prince 2.0 than "Lite".