Tuesday, February 25, 2014

"Chilling Firearms Arsenal..."

...easily my favorite headline of the week so far! It's from Radar Online, and the full text of the headline is, "George Zimmerman's Chilling Firearms Arsenal — Leaked Police Evidence Photos Reveal His Deadly Gun Stash." What, pray, constitutes a "chilling firearms arsenal?" Here's the list:

• One Keltec 12-gauge shotgun
• One Walther .380 handgun with seven rounds of live ammunition in the magazine
• One Taurus 9 mm handgun with live rounds in the magazine
• One Glock 19 handgun with 16 live rounds
• One AR-15 semi-automatic rifle
• Dozens of rounds of ammunition
• Several gun holsters and bags

Literally dozens of rounds of ammunition! Sure, it's laughable — I have literally dozens of rounds of ammunition in the laundry room, emptied from my pockets after matches and range sessions. But it's emblematic of the increasing divide between Armed America and the shrinking enclaves of the political elite. 

I may be really off-base here, but I think we're seeing the end game on the part of the progressive/statists in favor of gun confiscation, which would explain their near panic response and hysterical bleating to all things gun. Unfortunately, animals in their death throes are often the most dangerous. That why we're seeing egregious travesties like the felony trial of Mark Witaschek in Washington D.C. for possession of a single inert shotgun shell and muzzleloading sabots or the almost breathtakingly arrogant "compromise" in New Jersey that would reduce magazine capacity from 15 to 10...in return, gun owners would be allowed to stop to go to the bathroom on the way to the range or hunting fields — illegal under current New Jersey law. As Sebastian notes in the linked post, it'll be interesting to see if Gov. Chris Christie signs the "Right To Piss" compromise, thus ending his run for the Presidency...


cj said...

Wow...he managed to find one of those Kel Tec shotguns?

This gradual, and often I believe intentional, 'misunderstanding' of firearms is insidious. It's amazing how the same people who will pay to watch firearms stupidity on a big screen will wet themselves at the thought that someone in the same room with them may have a concealed firearm.

An argument with one woman who was protesting that a school was proposing teaching basic firearms safety (i.e. Stop, don't touch, tell an adult) yet couldn't see the irony that she fully supported safe sex education...while I'll admit there are more genitals around than guns, there are enough guns in this country that covering your eyes and ears yelling 'NAH NAH NAH!' isn't doing much to keep your children safer...(disclosure: that I fully believe this applies to both issues). Similarly, this attempt to create irrational fear of firearms can do nothing good, and will just result in more idiots picking up a gun (like they saw in a movie) and checking if it's loaded by pulling the little thingie that moves.

Anonymous said...

I do not believe Christi is a friend of gun owners.


kmitch200 said...

No 45s, no magnum revos, no large rifles, only 1 shotgun, 1 AR...what kind of an arsenal is that?
Bartender, a round of PSH for the house!

Sheepdog1968 said...

I've thought of something I would love to see on your website (and/or downrangetv). There are lots of good articles on pro gun stuff including facts on how there wasn't bloodbaths when CCWs or the 1994 AWB sunsetted. Over the years I've even seen a nice document that had the coutner talking points to all the common anti-gun arguments.

Would it be possible to have a section on your websites that gives us all these useful links to facts and figures and articles that stays nicely sumarized in one place?

Just a thought. Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

If that is 'chilling' then I know why global warming isn't working out the way they predict around here!

Moosejaw said...

Wow. I hate to see what they say about me if some troll is pounding my brains out on the pavement and I have to neutralize the situation and they decide to look in my safes.

And no Anon, Cristie is an Obama hand holding POS. Way to Lib for any REAL Americans.

Jack said...

If that's chilling, then my collection is the ice apocalypse!

Anonymous said...

WOW I have 40 plus firearms, mostly rifles and the locals tell me that I am a wimp. I do have 60 pounds of powder, 20K primers and 200 pounds of lead. They still call me a wimp. LOL

Anonymous said...

Be aware of fresh SCOTUS ruling. Police can search residence without warrant, when no emergency as long as a person says come on in. Make sure EVERYONE in household knows the drill when they come for your ARSENAL.


Anonymous said...

Not much of a stash. Now the tv show NCIS had jumped on the anti gun wagon. They showed there colors on the show that aired last night.

Greg Tag said...

Chilling "arsenal"?

By whose standards? 3 pistols, a shotgun and a rifle? My daughter took a modest collection of exactly that size to college.

I had never even heard of "Radar Online" until I visited their site- it seems like an online "People" or "US". In other words, drivel for the "bread and circus" masses who let faux Hollywood celebs do their thinking for them.


Anonymous said...

What?! No main battle rifle, no 1911 .45 ACP hand gun?! Ill prepared I say!

Anonymous said...

NCIS, as most TV shows and movies, has always had a anti-gun bent. Unless you are a member of the 'Only Ones', and then you can break in, lie, steal, and ignore the law. NCIS Left Coast is even more blatant in it's disregard for the law and rights of the serfs, I mean people.

At least NCIS is decently made, acted and engaging. NCIS LC is just painful.


Unknown said...

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