Friday, February 28, 2014

"We're Not the Gestapo..."

That quote from CT State Police Spokesman Oberscharf├╝hrer Paul Vance, while stating publicly that his men and women are ready and willing, even eager, to go door-to-door to confiscate "illegal" assault weapons and those dread weapons of mass destruction, magazines with a capacity of greater than 10 rounds. He concludes his comments by saying he doesn't want to talk about the Constitution, not at all. They never do, do they?

So for all you folks who have steadfastly kept your heads in the sand on the end game of gun grabbers, I believe the lesson is about to commence...


Anonymous said...

I live in CT and watched this legislation pass. I own neither 'assault rifles' or large capacity mags. In spite of that I feel my days living here are coming to a close. I won't tolerate a state that treats me as a public safety risk because I feel I have a right to own something they disagree with.

Anonymous said...

If the people tolerate this then they don't deserve ANY rights.
This is exactly WHY we have the 2A.
Do those people have the guts to apply the Constitution ?
Or will they just whine like wooly sheep ?

Tom Bogan
Laconia NH.

Anonymous said...

I need some of those bumper stickers....where?

Overload in Colorado said...

Another example is the RCMP banning Swiss Arms rifles, which had been legal since 2001. The importer says about 2,000 of the $4000 rifles had been sold.

FiftycalTX said...

I want the bumper sticker also. And remember, if something/one comes thru your door in the dark, AIM FOR THE HEAD. They might have body armor on.

Anonymous said...

Stickers here:

Anonymous said...

I guess it's poetic that a Looney Tune pebble is rolling down a snowy hill in "The Constitution State". The story line would have seemed hokey 10 years ago in a made for TV movie. Really, a Constitutional crisis in Connecticut, how quaint. Yet here we are. One of the arguments tyrants and useful idiots present is exactly what is going down. "We don't need a 2nd Amendment to protect freedom against home grown tyranny." Double irony. Never thought the revolution would be here, now & live on TV. Silly me.

CJS3 said...

I knew it was over in the northeast when I saw photos of people lining up to register their firearms, and be in compliance with the "new law".This is exactly the government that people in the northeast have chosen for the last fifty years. I no longer have anything in common with that section of the, so called, united states.

Anonymous said...

some will comply with evil doer's commands...Some will only takes 1 to say NO..I am free and will NOT comply with evil commands.....and the battle will be and threats will not count....imho....Semper Fi

Unknown said...

I read some where I forget where but the military is building a actual mock small town usa to practice doing assults on specifically im sure they have traing sites similar to this but this on is geared towards small town usa

Kristophr said...

The Threepers have posted the addresses of the CT legislators that passed this law, and they are starting to go nuts over it.

Hell, even Chris Muir of Day by Day has published the threeper list.

This might get ugly.

Unknown said...

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