Sunday, February 01, 2015

Anyway, Winter's Back

Still, we had a spectacular January her at the Bunker, with temps in the mid  and even high — 70s some days. Allowed us to get a little ahead on Bunker-work and spend more time on the range. Plus, the parrots got to spend time outside, which they love.

Otherwise, as I mentioned before, just piddling stuff…lots of practice with the loop sling for this year's Appleseed; getting dialed in with the competition Glock 34 (and working with the great S.I.R.T. laser training pistol; figuring out optics for this year's 3-Gun; paid my entry fee for the He-Man Championships, which I have about a 1-in-3 chance of actually attending. Assuming there's a miracle and I can actually make it, I'm going with a bit more scope than I did last time, maybe the Burris XTR II 2-10X I have on my hunting rifle instead of the Leupold VX 1.5-5X I used in the last He-Man I shot (you saw it on SG). I could have used a bit of extra magnification on the longer shots.

One of the huge advantages of having my own range is I can finally figure out what slugs my Benelli Nova actually wants to shoot. For some reason it's not crazy about the Fiocchi slugs I keep around. I've had some luck in other shotguns with the Remington Reduced Recoil law enforcement slugs, so I'll give those a try. I probably order a mixed grill selection of slugs from Midway USA later today.

As for my Super Bowl prediction, I feel like the Colorado Avalanche are simply outclassed by the Shreveport/Bossier Mavericks, but if we see a face-off between Katy Perry and John Elway, I'm going to have to give it to Elway unless Katy's top falls off, in which case it's Perry by 2!

Bet accordingly.


Unknown said...

My Benelli M4 Love Tru-Ball!

NJ Larry said...

And speaking of the 4th season...I don't recall you spending much time discussing carrying concealed during winter. With heavy shirts, sweaters, and parka's having a j-frame hidden somewhere under it all can be a problem. Hand care e.g. Mechanix gloves or worse mittens, ain't gonna help trigger control. When I was a young man, guys working the border in the cold would cut out their pea coat pocket to reach their wheel gun easily. But needless to say winter is a problem for handguns. For long guns big pufffy parkas always gave me hangups causally shouldering them. Had to remind myself to extend and pull back into shoulder pocket. Be interested in your thoughts MB.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't that be Perry by 38?

MattCFII said...

Michael, I know your a busy guy and sometimes one more moving part is too much, but you might want to check out LASR for your SIRT pistol. It's a target hit/scoring, shot timer, shot analysis software. It has made a huge difference in my training.

As soon as they add the Appleseed target to the target scoring plugin, I'm going to do a training journal to (hopefully) Rifleman writeup using my SIRT AR bolt. Thanks for the Riflecraft sling tip, got one on order!

Overload in Colorado said...

As a minor league hockey fan (go Colorado Eagles)(who play in Loveland), I must correct you: The Bossier/Shreveport team is the Mudbugs.

Carl in Alaska said...

Michael I love your blogs, podcast and all your shows but must take exception to this statement, "with temps in the mid and even high — 70s some days." Living here in North Pole Alaska (real place) putting a minus or negative symbol I front of a number infers negative or minus temperatures. This past week temps ranged from highs of minus 18 to 32 during the day and minus 29 to 47 at night (mostly 40 below). Sorry but kinda touchy about temps.

Unknown said...

Texas Governor Abbott declares Feb. 2 "Chris Kyle Day".

Anonymous said...

nj larry,

Here in the "north" of Michigan (16" of snow yesterday and around zero-degrees) I go with a Bianchi X-15 vertical shoulder rig and a 1911. It kind of rides up when seated or driving and you can get a good grip on it for the draw. I usually un-button the top 3 buttons on my coat when I drive anyhow and I un-snap the retainer on the rig. It grips the gun sufficiently for this application. I re-snap when walking around. This gives a good "presentation, especially when driving to our southern inhospitable regions of "'troit".

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