Sunday, February 15, 2015

Winter Comes Tiptoeing Back In

Snowing now…maybe 3-6 inches over the next day or so. C'mon…even I knew that 60 degree weather couldn't last much longer! Nice while it lasted.

BTW, update on a project I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I'm going with a JP lower to match up with the JP .204 upper. Comes with a JP trigger job, which I know to be just about perfect. A little more expensive that a stripped lower, but once again, this is a rifle I would like to keep. Planning on using the Luth-AR MBA stock.

Shot a cowboy match yesterday and got my ass handed to me by my Sweetie. No excuses…she just plain outshot me. And good for her! I anticipate similar results in 3-Gun.

Good article over at WeaponsMan on "Customizing Your Carbine:"
Accessories: everybody loves ‘em. AR gadgets are to guys (and some gals) like high heels are to many other gals’ closets (and some guys’, probably; it’s a free country, but we really don’t want to know). Gun folk no more explain to shoe folk the difference between our AR uppers than they can explain the difference between this year’s and last year’s Manolos.
I tend toward the"lotsa different stuff/calibers/tail fins" category…I'd also like to mention that my "house carbine" is plan as dirt…Aimpoint…Streamlight…that's it.

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