Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Post-Modern Revisionism

Tam at VIEW FROM THE PORCH makes an excellent point on BS liberal revisionism:
I realize that, taken as a national average, gun laws have loosened from their Peak Draconianism in '95 or so, but in a number of states that represent a large chunk of the nation's population, such as CA, NY, NJ, MA, and CT, they've never been stricter. 
It was within my lifetime (albeit barely) that you could order an actual 20mm anti-tank rifle in the mail with less drama than buying a packet of Sudafed today. You're entitled to your own opinions, dude, but not your own facts.
She the publishes this wonderful gun magazine ad from the late 1950s for a 20mm Solothurn antitank rifle, with accessories and available ammunition, delivered to your home through the mail for the lordly sum of $189.50 (keeping in mind that surplus Garands were, like, $20):

Sigh…when I was a kid (being slightly older than Tam, of course), I wanted one of those Solthurns so bad I could spit. In fact, I managed to save up the $189.50, plus the additional bucks for the 20mm ammo, from allowances, odd jobs and whining to my grandfather who was an easy touch. Unfortunately, my father, who was less than enthused but had agreed to place the order for me (along the way converting all my quarters, dimes, and silver dollars into "grown-up money" to make the purchase) found a way to talk me out of the Solothurn…he showed up one day with an ad for a Lafayette (I believe) 6-meter AM transceiver that, when you added in the antenna, cables, a desk microphone,and assorted other accessories came to…$189.50.

Which, he asked me, would I use more?

I HATED grown-up logic!

I bought the 6-meter transceiver and, in truth, spent many happy hours destroying our neighbors' television reception.

But I pined for the long lost Solothurn. I remembered it when I first met John Ross, where the Solothurn had a starring role in his UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES. John offered to sell me his Solothurn for $10K, but grown up Michael turned him down...


Anonymous said...

The Michigan State Police has just reported that Concealed Pistol Licenses issued in that state to women from 2010 thru 2014 have risen by 130%. Total CPLs issued so far in the state have exceeded 430,000.

Oh the blood-bath that has ensued!

Oh, wait. There hasn't been any blood-bath in the streets. Crime, especially in Detroit, has gone down. According to James Craig, the Chief of police there, "....every citizen should be armed". At least once a week, we hear about an armed citizen defending themselves there.

Life Member

nj larry said...

I've said it before MB. You are a much better interview host than bang and clang narrator. I still remember your John Ross episode. Somewhere I have a digital copy. TV is so not worth the electicity it takes to run it. You don't own your own work and great stuff you have done disappears from the public consciousness. It is unlike books, strangely a 500 year old technology, that persist, are transferred and live on for a hundred years. Can only hope next generation of gun folks go full bore on developing content for web and remain owner. I would love to just click on a embedded link to that Ross interview of yours.

I too lusted after a 20mm Lahti back in the day. Remember a G&A or AR that bought one did a review. Laughed that they were worried about finding a berm that would be safe. Finally settled on a rock cliff out West.

Mark said...

“The very powerful and the very stupid have one thing in common. Instead of altering their views to fit the facts, they alter the facts to fit their views...which can be very uncomfortable if you happen to be one of the facts that needs altering.” The Doctor


Michael Bane said...

Larry…sigh…if only books paid as well as television. As I've mentioned, my last few years as a "real" journalist were spent as an interview expert specializing in "hard targets." I believe my interview with klansman David Dukes, down over a 4 day period, is still required reading for baby journalists.

I've tried to sell books on gun subjects…we within the gun culture are notoriously ignorant on our own past and how we got to where we are (John Ross excepted).

No dice…


.weston.pecos. said...

Michael, do you still have a ham radio license? Would be fun to talk to you on the air sometime. Some interesting folks are ham radio operators, including Joe Walsh who operates mobile out of their tour buses, etc.

A friend of mine had QSO's with Senator Barry Goldwater and the late King Hussein of Jordan, both prolific ham radio operators back in the day. A QSL card from you would certainly trump my friend's QSL's from Goldwater and the King.