Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Monday Got Away From Me...

There were about a thousand phone calls and emails that absolutely had to get done, plus the podcast…I was at least successful on those fronts.

The most depressing part of the day was starting to fill in the calendar for first and second quarters. Airplane time is most definitely coming! Of course, far better than being unemployed and living in a refrigerator box under an interstate overpass. Am hopeful we can set 1, maybe 2, international trips for SHOOTING GALLERY in the next month or so. After the really big success of the Africa hunting eps, I'm looking at doing another hunting episode in SG.

As I've mentioned before, you going to be seeing more of Dianna Liedorff-Muller and John Snow as co-hosts on SG. I've been very pleased with bringing new voices onto the show. Your thoughts?

In the meantime we'll be working on AMERICA'S RIFLE and GUN STORIES WITH JOE MANTEGNA, plus the pilot for GUNRUNNERS.

I have 2, maybe 3, new shows in the hopper, but I'm a little ambivalent about pitching until I get GUNRUNNERS piloted and green-lit. Personally, my own focus is on the increasingly more likely satellite radio program. It is a little like eating a tire, which involves very small bites!


Sheepdog1968 said...

Hi Michael. I just saw this article from then viloence policy center. Basically it says states with lax gun laws have more deaths per capita than states with strict gun laws based on government data. I don't believe it and I am sure there is some lie or omission in there. Can u please look into it (maybe John Lott has already seen this and has insight). Thanks for your help. I'd be happy to write a letter to the paper editor but I have no idea how exactly the VPC is lying.


nj larry said...

Sheepdog, Lott started a formal group called the crime prevention research center. Just jumped over there and saw several studies on the VPC and how they cook the books. I am sure that this latest is no different.

Just do a search on the homepage for "vpc" and they will come up.


DamDoc said...

I detect a siminar caller

Anonymous said...


The ACTUAL data shows the opposite of what the VPC has published.

There is an old adage that applies here; "Figures don't lie, but liars still figure."

Life Member

Unknown said...

Shooting Galley, Best Defense, Gun
Stories, America's Rifle, Gunrunners, 2 or 3 more shows in the works, a podcast, and a blog. Seriously Michael, exactly when do you sleep, eat and have time to walk Newt?

However you do it keep up the good work. Much appreciation from one of the many pod-people.