Saturday, March 07, 2015

A Hint of Spring

We're in the middle of a big melt-off from last week's snow, so I'll be able to get a little range time this weekend. Probably working with a 9mm Glock. There's also an AR that needs sighting in.

I'm trying to make shooting plans for spring and summer around my production schedules. I know I want to do another Appleseed. I've been talking with the local Appleseed instructors about a custom event where I can invite a number of people. I'll keep you guys in the loop on that one. The He-Man is still on the schedule, but I've got a bunch of rifle and shotgun work to get ready for that one. Also the IRCs in September…I've already started reworking the Ruger GP-100 6-inch to get it just like I want it and still run 100%.

There's some other stuff I'd like to a get accomplished this spring, including getting a ham radio set-up up and running. I've got plenty of room for antennas…it'll just take a little elbow grease. I'm thinking of one of the new Yaesu FT-991s…you guys have any thoughts on that???


Anonymous said...


I have the older 897D. They're a menu heavy radio, but extremely capable. Hard to go wrong with on of the big three.

Check out the Colorado Connection. It's a statewide linked repeater system on the 2m band. It's been great at giving me state wide situational awareness when something's going on. I frequently monitor it during peak travel times, and big events like the USPCC, and the 2015 Ski Championships. I'm up in the mountains from you, but I can hit repeaters 30+ miles away and have state wide comms with very little effort. A quick google search turns up their web site.

Their net is every evening at 7:30. I check in every so often just for the fun of it.

-- Vail Valley

Fibber Magee said...

Don't know what sort of equipment you are looking for but you might want to check
Good people and fair pricing. If nothing else it's a good starting point...73

ELIMN8U said...

Do you have some more info available on the 'Appleseed' type of event? Old dog looking for new tricks...just acquired my first rifle/AR last year and have very limited time with it til now.

James said...

M. Bane:

Time to look into the future with a SDR system. You'll probably do better going Flex, Elecraft or similar. My station sports an portable IC-7200; but I'm fairly new at this. I'm convinced SDR is the best future path.

Also review for FT-991:

Great tip on Forstchen's "Day of Wrath". Keep up the great work.

James said...

Sorry. Copy and paste is for kids. I'm not doing it right.