Friday, March 13, 2015

Newt Sounds Off!

And I say, "Amen to that!"


Unknown said...

Hi Michael,
I was searching the internet for some old history about the .38 Super when I ran across an article from September 1985, Volume 1: Issue 3 called Front Sight. As I was enjoying the read (it was just the kind of thing I was searching for) I noticed the article was written buy you with a Tampa, FL address. Being born in Ybor City and raised in the Tampa Bay area this really caught my eye not to mention seeing your name. My Dad who started me shooting and reloading in 1962 lives just blocks from the address listed.
What do we say? What a small world!
I tried to find an email address for you hoping to share my findings with you so I hope you see this and it brings back some good times as it has for me. This is the link I found:

I enjoy your shows on the Outdoor Channel very much and hope to watch many more.
Thank you,
michael c.

Unknown said...

We need video