Sunday, March 22, 2015


We were busy working on the Bunker, and because of that I missed America's most beloved holiday, Nowruz, the Persian New Year…the most important holiday of our newest and closest ally in the Middle East, Iran. Our President, Barry Hussein Obama, even did a video, explaining to the world that Nowruz is a cherished tradition in America, supplanting, I suppose, the obscene and obsolete idolatry of some dead guy nailed on a cross.

Well, a belated Happy Newroz! Oh, I'm sorry! Newroz is how the Kurds — true allies, people of honor, and some of the greatest fighters on earth — spell their beloved holiday. And so I say that without a shred of sarcasm…may the New Year bring the Kurds and the freedom fighters who stand with them closer to a victory against the forces of fascism.


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