Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Michael's Sorta New Rifle!!!

I haven't gotten it yet, but it'll be on the way home soon!

It's my old FNH TSR 7.62 grafted into a McRees Precision chassis! The guys at McRees modified the TSR to fit their custom chassis and AI standard magazines. I'm really excited about this rifle! If you saw the SHOOTING GALLERY episode at FTW Ranch and shooting long distance, you'll know (or at least you could figure it out) that I was blown away by the McRees Precision .300 Win Mag rifle my friend Ryan Muller was using. It was definitely one of the best chassis systems I'd handled.

When we got back from the show, I contacted McRees to ask whether they had a chassis system for the  TSR. They didn't, but they made me great offer — if I was willing to loan them my rifle for a few weeks, they would build a chassis for it (and you other FNH TSR owners, and you know who you are!).

There were some challenges in fitting the rifle for the AI mags, but since I have a bunch of .308 AI mags for the Ruger GUNSITE Scout Rifle, I thought it was definitely worth the conversion!!!

You'll see this rifle on SHOOTING GALLERY 2016, too!

And BTW, here's an excellent article on TACTICAL RETAILER on the rise of the AR-10/7.62 platform:
While getting reliable .308 ARs to the market has been slow over the last decade and a half, make no mistake — they are here. The last year has seen a marked increase in their availability and their viability as a retail product. Virtually every major manufacturer offers an AR in .308 Winchester now. When Ruger and Smith & Wesson sell them, you know they are commercially viable. Add custom builds and small companies to the equation and the list gets pretty long. Still, the real change has been in the rifles, and that is what makes them a solid platform for sale to some of the AR market today.
As you know, I predicted the rise of the 7.62 AR platform as the Next Big Thing a few years back. I have a Colt 901 and the Ruger SR762. I was privileged to go 10-for-10 on the grueling FTW sniper course in Texas with the Ruger SR762 and the Burris XTRII 5-25X. Heck of a gun/scope set-up!

And BTW BTW, I'm having dinner next week with Bill and Joyce Wilson at Wilson Combat, so who knows, another 7.62 AR might be in my future...


Jason Crotteau said...

Super nice build Michael!!!! I love the McRee chassis. I've had one for a couple years now and it is bar none the most stable platform I own for long range shooting. Only downside it that it is heavy!

Unknown said...

Hmmm, any chance of a Shooting Gallery episode on Wilson Combat? I've been fascinated with the shows you've done showing the manufacturing of guns. The very second my student loans are paid off, I'm calling Wilson Combat to place an order.

Middle Man said...

McRee chassis shooter too... It couldn't be more simple to drop your existing rifle into Scott's system. Scott's a super guy too!

Michael Bane said...

I will talk to Bill about it next week. We did an SG episode on Wilson Combat years and years ago, and a whole lot has changed (obviously). As you know, Bill and I have been friends since pretty much the beginning of practical shooting...I co-wrote his COMBAT .45 AUTO way way back when, which for years was the standard reference on "combat" modifying the 1911. I shot a Wilson Accu-Comp in early USPSA competition, and my personal Wilson Master Grade is the finest 1911 I own.