Saturday, July 11, 2015

A Little Light Sunday Reading

Since I'm on a "some thoughts" roll…this is from a member at Red State, titled "Some thoughts on the coming collapse of the United States of America:"

“If something cannot go on forever, it will stop.” 
— Herbert Stein, American Enterprise Institute
With the combination of ever-growing government growing ever-worse, and the plague of “diversity” eating away at our once great and now shattered society, I don’t think we’ll have these problems very much longer. I don’t think America can go on like this. Therefore, sooner or later, it will stop. I hope I’m somewhere else when it happens, because I don’t think it will be pretty. 
Is there an answer to any of this? Can the “raveled sleeve” of our country be “knit back up?” I don’t know. I am open to suggestions. Absent that, good luck to all of us, because we’ll probably need it.
Read the whole thing, and think about it. Yes, I'm professionally paranoid…next week we're doing scenarios for the next season of THE BEST DEFENSE, after all. Still, it's hard not to feel like Sarah Conner  at the end of Terminator…there is a storm coming.



Anonymous said...

Hi Michael,

I don't know if you are looking for scenarios, but a recent armed robbery near my home, caught on video, might have some points of interest. Here's the link.

What catches my eye WRT the show,

It takes place at 930AM, in broad daylight, in an upper middle class neighborhood.

The robbers clearly have a plan.

No one interferes with their plan, and no one gets hurt.

Two people enter during the robbery, and are subdued.
--which leads me to the question wrt the show.

As you enter the business, you are seized by a gunman. What do you do? You likely DON'T know about the 2 bad guys behind the glass, so if you fear for your life and engage the guy you see, you get killed by the others.


You interfere with the one guy, and the skilled, well planned and executed robbery turns into something else, like multiple homicide. Of course, other robberies have turned into executions without any outside interference too.

Looking forward to new episodes.

I learn something from every one, and can say that some of the scenarios (particularly the last one involving the stabby guys on the bus) really challenged me, and opened my eyes to NOT just taking the shot, but working the goal.

I've been watching a lot of attack videos lately and I'm horrified by how fast they take place. Even Jerry Miculek can't out draw the attackers. It looks like you need some sort of open hand deflection to even open enough space and time to draw. Any chance of looking at that?

Anyway thanks to you and the rest of the production team. Keep up the good work.


David said...

I actually worry that it won't come while I'm still here. I'd rather it come while I'm still capable of helping my nieces survive it.

DamDoc said...

I dont know, but regarding our future, Road Warrior comes to mind more than the Terminator!

Jason Carleton said...

Given the author didn't give his name, I put this as an old man grumbling the usual "World going to hell in a bucket".

If her truly believed in what he wrote, he would've signed it.

clark myers said...

Will you be home and able to attend the Boulder County open house to discuss possible designated shooting areas in the County?
Monday, July 20 from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m.
Nederland Community Center
750 Highway 72 North
It may be a matter of buying time - but to the extent time can be bought cheaply enough that's enough.

Anonymous said...

In the "art of the fight", there are many dynamics. To stay on the offensive, you have to go out actually looking for trouble before it finds you. You can't start out by being purely defensive, just in case trouble finds you. The transition from defending yourself to becoming the attacker and winner may in-fact be fatal. When you find trouble though, you need to be wise enough to leave. Remember, "the only gunfight that you win is the one you never have in the first place". That goes for any fight.

Life Member

P.S.: As movies go, I still highly recommend watching "The Road". It's an eye-opener and feeds-the-thoughts.

KevinC said...

Kevin Baker of the Smallest Minority left a comment somewheres on the interwebz along the lines of...

"What's happening in Greece will happen here, the biggest difference is, thanks to al the guns that have been purchased over the last 8 years, our riots for and against 'austerity' are going to be SPECTACULAR."

I hope not. I didn't move here from Canada to see this country turn itself into a bunch of Separatists.

kmitch200 said...

If there are riots in the streets, will the majority of the population even know?
Unless Twitter or Bookface goes down, nobody will care.

Anonymous said...


It's twitter and facebook that will be driving and organizing the riots. This is not secret or an unsupported assertion. This is what is happening right now in our world.

Not trying to be offensive, but if you don't know this you don't understand the threat.

For a portion of the population it's PARTY TIME. They are looking forward to it. They are being organized and guided by paid provocateurs in some cases, and by boredom or simple desire to destroy in others. They CAN'T WAIT to join in. And even if they are only some small part of the population, say 4%, that is still a huge number.

No, it won't go unnoticed. You notice when your neighborhood is on fire. You notice when smoke blows in your front door. You notice when TV is full of rampaging mobs torching buildings and raping, beating, and murdering people. You notice when National Guardsmen are standing on corners in your city, next to the smoking ruins of what were thriving businesses.

I've been there and done that, and I assure you, YOU NOTICE.