Thursday, July 16, 2015

Take Down Your Damned Signs!


Some of my dearest friends are Marines, and I know tonight that not only are they heart-broken, but they are blind fury angry. As well they should be.

There are things to talk about tomorrow.

Be armed.


David said...

I have always looked at the Bill of Rights as simply codifying inalienable rights, so when any human being is denied the right to keep and bear arms without due process it is a sin against God.

But, to deny the United States Marine Corps the ability to be armed on a daily basis is just plain and simply unnatural. There is a special level of hell for the authorities who came up with such a policy.

Anonymous said...

They have been unarmed for a long time. The brass is fearful of violence between Service Members if they are armed, so weapons are secured and only taken out of the arms room for training or worse.

The brass does not trust the troops.

Obiwan said...

Even during the late '60s at Camp Lejeune we had to keep our personal weapons in the armory. This is not a recent policy but it needs to change NOW!

David said...

Personally, I am getting pretty sick and tired of all the hand-wringing and boo-hooing over this attack. Seems like every single public official and TV talking head is expressing "sadness" and "heartbreak" over the shooting of the Marines in Chattanooga.

How about we drop the tears and pouty faces and get mad for a change? How about we as a nation sack up and get rid of so-called "gun free zones" and allow law-abiding citizens everywhere to go armed, so that whenever one of these jihadis pops his head up, there's a gun in his face.

If we're not going to go on offense, and go kill them where they live, let's play defense American style and make sure that there is indeed a "rifle behind every blade of grass." The threat from jihad today is decentralized, and requires a decentralized response. #ArmedCitizen

kmitch200 said...

How about we as a nation sack up and get rid of so-called "gun free zones"

Amen brother.

Anonymous said...

Amen to that brother! These liberal-antis argue that 2+2=5 day-in-day-out absent a beat...Tragedies such as this Terrorist Attack (not "Lone Wolf" as BHO intentional purports to mislead but "Wolf Pack") MANDATE that these "Gun-Free-Killing-Zones" be removed 'yesterday.' Intelligent responsible gun owners, much like those of us here on this frequented Blog, realize that a CCW located in that area might have have saved lives by returning fire or even forcing the "RADICAL ISLAMIST" to bail in light of "ARMED RESISTANCE."

May God with the surviving family members and Bless the fallen heroes that paid the ultimate price in protecting us and our Great Nation @large.