Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Between Hither & Yon

…am gong through another one of those phases where I actually have to be a television producer. Today was (and tomorrow will be) all day meetings, with telephone calls mortared between the meetings. There was one point today during a long Skype call where I looked longingly at my Ruger Match Champion revolver and the 200 rounds of .38 Special I'd fished out and put on my desk with the idea of starting to tune up on little revolvers before I go to the boomers.

Sadly, look was all I did. I'm sure most of you know the drill.

Anyhow, there is a GREAT article on, where I buy bunches of ammo, on 11 self-defense myths that never seen to die, as articulated by some of the greatest trainers in the business (many of whom I'm honored to call my friends). Rob Pincus' comments on timed drills are especially insightful.

I have GOT to get off the phone/computer to put together that .458 SOCOM…period, since I gotta film it in a couple of weeks. I'd like to at least sight it in, since I finally have the ammo.

Maybe I should take a shower…meetings are hard work!

BTW, The Mikes, Marty and I are thinking about shooting up a television studio on next season THE BEST DEFENSE…is that some kind of subliminal messaging?

Oh yeah, I'm very excited about "PEACE IN OUR TIME!" I pray for my friends in Tel Aviv...


pigpen51 said...

just bought a new Taurus pt111 g2 for 199$ from palmetto state armory. I haven't got a chance to shoot it yet. have you an opinion on this gun?
I am hoping to make it my edc pistol when I get it broken in. the price was so good I couldn't pass it up, and it really seems to feel great in my hand, with a trigger that is quite good for out of the box.
any advice would be appreciated. I am a fairly experienced shooter, but my experience runs to mostly inexpensive, i.e. cheap pistols. I have owned a p64, a hipoint c9, and a phoenix .22 cal. I have also shot several other peoples guns fairly regularly. I am one of those people who the economy has been unkind to, here in MI, but I still feel the need to protect myself, and my loved ones, but I am also not a mall ninja, just someone who desires a solid, reliable carry gun, therefore the replacement of the hipoint.
again, any guidance you can give would be appreciated.
thank you

tim in michigan

Sheepdog1968 said...

Speaking of television, I really enjoyed the episode of GS with the Remington Model 8. Given how Browning reintroduced the A5, I think a reintroduced model 8 by Remington would sell well. With advances in metal, they might even be possible to have a svelt 308 version. I think it would sell well.

Andy said...


I am pretty sure that the Browning A5 shares only it's looks with the original A5. I believe the operating system is similar to Benelli's inertia action.

Still, it would be neat.


KM said...

Yep Andy,
The only thing that is A5 is the hump at the back of the receiver...and since it doesn't have the "long" recoil system of the oldies, I doubt that it's even really needed.

Overload in Colorado said...

I'm surprised there was no mention of the Model 8 safety, and it's history and adoption on the AK-47. Unless that's an urban legend?