Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tuesday Round-Up

Well, not much to round up. Monday is always Podcast Day, plus we're pretty deep into SHOOTING GALLERY scheduling, which is a giant puzzle (or giant pizzle, as the case may be).

My Sweetie and I shot a USPSA match Sunday (she beat me, BTW) and it was Big Fun, considering  I was shooting a Ruger Match Champion 6-round .357 revolver. Yee-haw! We did us some revolver reloading practice yesterday! Especially on that 30-round plus stage! I finished within spitting distance of dead last! LOL! Funny aside…I was LMAO after I left the last target on a stage unengaged…never saw it!...and a shooter came up to me to thank me for laughing, not bitching. Glad to be a role model…of sorts. Next USPSA match, it's gonna be the Redhawk .45ACP/.45 Colt blaster…I ordered enough moon clips to get me through.

A thoughtful (and controversial, I suspect) piece from Mark Steyn, on "senseless" violence:
I'm afraid the makeshift memorials of flags and other patriotic memorabilia that have sprung up on the edge of the police tape depress the hell out of me. A no doubt sincere veneration for the military apparently can only express itself with a feeble passivity that is a large part of the problem. This isn't a time for the bumper-sticker bromides of "We salute our heroes/Thank you for your service/We support our troops". Among the dead are men who waged a bloody and hard-fought battle to retake Fallujah ...only to come home and die unarmed in a crappy shopping mall at the hands of a halfwit fanatic whose family had been under the leisurely money-no-object scrutiny of the bloated security apparatus for years. 
A Chinese-made teddy bear from Wal-Mart is not an appropriate reaction. Righteous anger is. And there's not a lot of evidence of that. At that parking-lot memorial, the public seems to discern that such anger is no longer an approved sensibility - whereas a teary generalized sadness gets plenty of media coverage. This is the same media, by the way, that, after a couple of perfunctory questions about Chattanooga, asked Josh Earnest for more details about the "father-daughter weekend" President Obama is currently enjoying in New York. Golly, you'd almost get the impression they're really not that sad at all.
BTW, if you haven't seen or heard of news anchor Tomi Lahren's Chattanooga rant, you can and should watch it here.

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DamDoc said...

Not controversial to me.. I dont see how Americans arent getting madder and madder each and every passing day as the pevish biggot in the whitehouse distroys every vestage of our culture and country... and the witless morons in the MSM carry his water.. even foxnews reports his shenanigans like they were just everyday news. No outrage at all. The chip on this guys shoulder is the cross we bear at least until the next election.. unless the hilderbeast takes the mantle.. then all bet are off... if that comes to pass, it will truly be a depressing day.