Monday, February 08, 2016

A Funky Monday Morning!

Beautiful sunny day, which makes the solar panels happy, which makes us happy because it's cold!

I'm kinda excited because I have an appointment with the doctors this afternoon to see where I stand, or limp, as the case may be. I'm ready to start moving forward. The big plus is I'm farther along planning SHOOTING GALLERY for 2017 that I usually am in April. Gonna be a great season. My focus on THE BEST DEFENSE right now is our 1-hour special on a "mass casualty" event in the Denver area, which we'll start filming in late March.

I believe this is one of the most important television shows we've ever done.  I've spent a lot of time with first responders, counterterrorist experts and people who study terrorism events, and my primary question has been what can the people caught in those events do to help themselves and their families. Certainly there are no guarantees, but if we can just give people a mental "index card" to have in place incase the worst happens, it will be worth it.

Normally, I would have several projects going right now, but as I mentioned Marshal Halloway and I are working on an Internet/OUTDOOR CHANNEL App based series that we hope to roll out March/April. I don't want to get deep into a project that we can't film. I have some new audio/video equipment on order, and hopefully Marshal and I will be rolling cameras in March.

There's a good article over on GUN NUTS MEDIA on setting and training attainable goals. Goal-setting is an interesting and more complicated than one might think — something I covered last week on the podcast. It's an issue that is heavily on my mind these days because I now understand that I have a pretty hard road in front of me. I have sketched out some macro-goals and some steps that I need to do once I get medical clearance. After a long talk with Mark Passamaneck last week, I realized that my path begins with pistol competition…focusing on a single gun while I in essence  get my feet back underneath me. I think going straight back into 3-Gun, with it's awkward shooting positions and ups-and-down might be putting more stress on the healing knee than I should.

I am also hoping I can do a couple of basic classes, which will give me a "beta test" on basic drills. If not that (time, time, time), I have reached out to a few trainers I really respect and asked them for some private (paid) instruction.

Ironically, the triathlon/swim group that I used to race for is having a reunion, which I can't make because I'm still off-the-old-airplane for a few more weeks. Still, it tripped old memories of how to train, how to set goals. I very successfully went through the first rehab; the doctors were impressed with the strength I'd built up. The rehab had nothing to do with the failure of the tendons to stitch back to the bone.

Thank you for all your thoughts and advice…it has been invaluable...


Low Country Contest Club said...

"...but if we can just give people a mental "card" to have in place incase the worst happens, it will be worth it."

Michael, as you are aware, a plan, almost ANY PLAN, is better than nothing. You will almost never execute your plan as you envisioned it but your plan will give you a huge advantage.

Planning is essential.

RickP said...

I sure wish that you folks on the Outdoor Channel could convince them to create a Roku channel or another mechanism where I could catch your shows. I miss not being able to watch The Best Defense ever since Fios took away the Outdoor Channel.

Secesh said...

RickP.......Switch to another provider, I did and got my gun channels back plus a lower price.

Anonymous said...

You don't get The Outdoor Channel? "Demand it!"

Having the right mind-set is also essential, as is mental discipline. I am a firm believer in writing plans down as well. There's something about the mental picture of that plan that causes one to actually use it.

Life Member

1 With A Bullet said...

Yes, please. A Michel Bane channel on Roku would be much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

An access path to your various shows for your international fans would be appreciated too.


Jason said...

Michael, are you still working on a update to "Survival Guns"?

Anonymous said...

And this could change everything:

"Gird your loins!",

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NJ Larry said...

The passing of Justice Scalia deals a powerful body blow to those who treasure the traditional values of America. An America seemingly more of another generation. A fading America. It can only be guessed what the impact of this day will be. I pray for this nation. I honestly don't think there could be a more dangerous time for those of us who want to preserve the 2A. A perilous time. This may turn out to be a Black Swan event to our movement that will determine the direction of the pro-gun side for the next 100 years. God help us through this. RIP Justice Scalia. Bless his family.

Anonymous said...


If we lose the Second Amendment, it will be lost for eternity. The new government as we will come to know it will be what George Orwell so prophetically imagined. The "dots" are already being connected. There are no new frontiers for us to flee to. With the "Millennials" not only supporting but worshipping "Bolshevik-Bernie" Sanders, our only hope is to out-vote them.

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P. S.: ' Glad to hear from you.