Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Harness the Reindeer, Honey, We're Low on Beer!

Got a foot and a half of that white stuff last night.Sometime today my Sweetie will have to clear the solar panels without my help, but I'm still in the period of not being able to put any load on the leg or have even the slightest risk of bending the knee.

Talk about feeling like a worm!

I'm getting better, to be sure, but I think all of you know how patient I am. I want to work hard and overcome, not sit in bed with a machine pumping ice water around my knee. Whine whine; bitch.

The groundhog dug up through the snow to check on his shadow. I shot him.


Anonymous said...

"The groundhog dug up through the snow to check on his shadow. I shot him."

We want the details! What was the firearm of choice? Ammo selection? Will he be groundhog stew, a furry hat, or coyote chow?

Well wishes! Keep recovering!

Unknown said...

You do know that everytime you get a "replacement" part, obamacare requires a discreet RFID chip to track your movements? And by the time our robot overlords are created, that RFID 3.0 will make you comply.

_DonWorsham_ said...

Since you've been on your back for a while and into the near future, I would venture to guess you've almost completed Chapter 2 of FTG. No?

Scott H said...

Since you shot him, that's a guarantee that he didn't see his shadow!

kmitch200 said...

I'm curious as to why most everyone with a knee replacement is standing bedside the next day and encouraged to walk and flex the new knee but you are resticted to non-weight bearing.
Did you have bone necrosis in the joint? I woke up with a CPM bending my knee that increased every day.