Saturday, February 27, 2016

Weekend Notes

Nice piece on Hollywood hypocrisy and guns from The Federalist:
Now for the interactive portion of this article. Go back and look at those three comments, but apply a simple alteration. Replace “The NRA” with one word: Hollywood. Not only do all of the phrases become more accurate, but you are greeted with recall imagery.

Does Hollywood create a culture of violence? Its entire product defines culture, and we all have instant recollection of a movie or TV show with heavy firearm visuals.Hollywood romanticizes a pro-gun agenda? The studios sure have not curtailed titles with plotlines wrapped around heroic firearm use. Does Hollywood profit from glorifying guns? Not only is this an obvious “Yes,” there is no shortage of guns on the very posters used to sell their films.
We've been very lucky with the people we work with in Hollywood, and there is a solid pro-gun minority. In fact, my producing partner Tim Cremin was in Hollywood all last week working on the pilot for HOLLYWOOD GUNS…he sent me a video of shooting a car window underwater with a .454. Timmy has all the fun!

Had a busy, busy day yesterday, including meetings with local law enforcement on logistics for the "mass casualty event," which is coming together wonderfully. In fact, our lead terrorist will be played by a Hollywood character actor who has specialized in — you guessed it — terrorists. Hopefully, next week I'll be meeting with a former SEAL and current trainer who's company specializes in mass shooter/terrorist sims for major companies…I want an expert on board to "de-bug" Michael Janich's and my scenario; everyone who has seen it describes it as "a nightmare." We've got the explosive experts experts lined up for the off-site big bang, blank-firing ARs secured, armorer hired,, blanks ordered. Ramping up a major production on a short timeline is an ulcer-inducing event! It does, in fact, beat hanging drywall. LOL!

Not a great day for the leg. I'm avoiding painkillers during the day, and after a busy day the leg is a steady aching "toothache" of a pain. In a little more than a week I'll find out if Surgery #2 worked, or if we have Surgery #3 to look forward to. The pain sorta scrambled my equilibrium,which is a pain in the butt. Luckily, I have my KA-BAR cane, which works equally well as a cane or a bludgeon.

As a side note, today is the 20th anniversary of the founding of the Harbour Island Athletic Club in Tampa, FL swim (and triathlon) team, of which I was a founding member. My old friends and teammates will be celebrating tonight in Tampa. I'll lift a glass for the Old Days.


Overload in Colorado said...

I'd be cool if LE and other organizations could use this filming as a field test of their mass shooting logistics. The army reserves held a disaster response event in Evans, CO a few weeks back. I know the free pancake breakfast at Cheyenne Frontier Days is put on by local relief groups to be able to work out serving mass food after a disaster.

Weston Electricians said...

Loved reading this thannk you