Saturday, March 12, 2016

This Election is Getting Tiresome

So, my image of the Chicago last night was domestic terrorist and Obama biography author Bill Ayers, fist in the air, shouting, "We shut down Trump!"


This morning the door to the clown car popped open and clown #1, John Kasich, pops out and says Trump has created a "toxic environment" and yesterday's violence is all Trump's fault.

Then out pops Little Marco, who after an obligatory nod to Obama, announces, "Words have consequences…perhaps I wouldn’t say Mr. Trump is responsible for the event tonight. But he most certainly has in other events used some pretty rough language, encouraging the crowd.”

Then, sadly, the third clown, Ted Cruz — an honest-to-goodness Constitutional scholar — who says Donald J. Trump bore responsibility for “creating an environment” that encourages violence at his events.

Kasich, Rubio, Cruz and the Republican elites, those boys and girls with their dachas by the lake, have chosen to side with, Black Lives Matter. Occupy Wall Street, and terrorist Bill Ayers, with Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary "What Difference Does It Make?" Clinton and the other progressives who are methodically destroying this country, by BLAMNG THE VICTIM!

The only thing Donald J. Trump is guilty of is engaging in free speech.

Since Kasich, Rubio and Ted Cruz, who supposedly, as a teenager, memorized the Constitution, seem to have had some sort of mental malfunction on the First Amendment, here's a quick refresher from Justice William O. Douglas, written in 1949 for Terminiello v. City of Chicago
Accordingly, a function of free speech under our system of government is to invite dispute. It may indeed serve its high purpose when it induces a condition of unrest, creates dissatisfaction with conditions as they are, or even stirs people to anger. Speech is often provocative and challenging. It may strike at prejudices and preconceptions and have profound unsettling effects as it presses for acceptance of an idea.
On a micro scale, a lot of people who read this blog are self-defense trainers. Probably all of us (or at least all of us of a certain age) are familiar with the classic quote uttered by John Wayne in his final movie, THE SHOOTIST, as the great dying gunfighter John Bernard Books:
I won't be wronged. I won't be insulted. I won't be laid a-hand on. I don't do these things to other people, and I require the same from them. 
It's a magnificent quote, delivered so well it takes your breath away, but how many of us teach that quote as a foundation for self-defense, that is, the justifiable application of violence? How many times have we — Janich, Seeklander, Hayes or I — said that spoken insults are legal grounds for a violent physical response? Do we teach that "fighting words" are grounds for a punch in the face or a quick draw followed by a very loud noise? Is there a seminar at the Rangemaster Conference this weekend that explains which words that, when uttered with passion, allow us to respond to that person with physical violence?

We have had 7 years of the most vicious divisiveness since the Civil War. The Democratic elite, led by the President, have sought to drive spikes between black and white, rich and poor, to instill the obsessive class consciousness that paves the road to socialism. As Hillary Clinton noted in a speech today, "Sometimes when you play with matches, you can get burned."

So Ted, Marco, John, maybe before the Tuesday primaries you can give us a list of words that won't be  permissible, a list of thoughts and opinions that we won't be allowed to utter without facing massive social media shaming, in your administration? Because what you're saying is the Thought Police will remain in place, you'll just be giving them new velcro patches for their brown shirts.


_DonWorsham_ said...

I saw this earlier and came to the same conclusion. Perhaps I must re-think my vote before Tuesday.

Unknown said...

Trump was not my first choice, but he has gained a lot of ground! Keep up the good fight Donald, you get better looking daily!

SiGraybeard said...

I was not going to vote for Trump, mostly because he's a crony capitalist, using his influence to buy power and favors from the governments he had to deal with. I understand donating money to both sides; it's what investors call hedging. He's betting his contribution will buy him a convenient ruling.

I was aligned with Cruz, who is closer to the ideal constitutional conservative I've been looking for than anyone I've seen. I liked Ben Carson - he endorsed Trump. I like Carly Fiorina - she endorsed Trump. And Cruz, the "master debater", opens his mouth and inserts his foot up to the knee.

I vote Tuesday, too. It's time to think this over a bit more.

John Richardson said...

@SiGraybeard - One correction - Carly Fiorina endorsed Ted Cruz and not Trump.

The Freeholder said...

I voted early last weekend, and I voted for Cruz. Can I get a Mulligan?

Anonymous said...

Cruz isn't perfect, but if we are going to forgive Trump for some ill-chosen words, dropping a Cruz vote in favor of Trump is rather ironic, isn't it?

While Cruz shouldn't jump on the bandwagon of blaming Trump for the acts of a few people he has no control over, the gulf between the two is so huge that this isn't a make-or-break issue.

Rastus said...

I am disappointed in Cruz. I know it's an election, but so what? The vote has already passed Oklahoma so I'm on the sidelines now awaiting the result.

However...if "Brown shirts" are attacking Trump and "Bolshevik" wannabe's aka Bernie Sanders rhetoric are being stirred up to act I'm thinking more on leaving the Cruz camp for Trump.

1917 probably won't be as pleasant here as it was in Russia.

Michael Bane said...

If Cruz choses to ally himself with George Soros, Black Lives Matter and the other swine that are destroying this company, he deserves to reap the whirlwind. Ditto for Little Marco, who said tonight he wouldn't support the Republican nominee. All the masks are off.


Anonymous said...

Trump got only 7.2%, Rubio 19.5%, Cruz 66.3% in Wyoming! The mask of Trump is off and real conservatives don't like what they see.

Sasquatch said...

Wyoming isn't the bellweather of American politics. Unless it reflects the cow vote. 3 electoral votes and 200k voters. That is like one or blocks of LA, Chicago, NYC or Houston. How many votes do you think Cruz would get in Brooklyn or East LA ?

Michael Bane said...

Wyoming voted before Cruz whored out.


Anonymous said...

The other candidates are speaking too, not what Trump communicates, but how he communicates. Trump constantly finds the crudest lewdest most base ways to get his point across. Often with the vocabulary of a three year old (He'll get the baddies). He is the Rosanne Barr of politicians. This election has turned into a mixture of WWE & Jerry Springer and it is all because of Trump. It's fascinating to watch people exalt the virtues of morals, common decency, how to treat women and the golden rule. Then watch them throw all of it in the trash so they can whore themselves out for this scumbag who crawled out of the New York gutters. If Trump wasn't a billionaire just some middle management drone acting the way he does. Treating people the way he does. At best people would find him pathetic. Most would want to disinfect themselves with an industrial cleaner after coming in contact with him. Get a good look at what four years of Trump would look like because that's what Chicago was. I say, what would because I truly believe it's magical (pie in the sky) thinking on the part of Conservatives to think Trump will win. He won't, any simpleton with a basic understanding of an electoral map can understand this. This is why I've put all my gun buying focus on semi autos & hi cap mags. No revolvers no bolt guns this year. Since if Trump's nominated it's bye bye Supreme Court. Bye bye 2nd amendment.

Moosejaw said...

Yeah. I'm really disappointed in Ted... The most conservative pro-gun candidate. He needs to fire his advisers on this one. Now unless something out of left field happens. I'm for Trump.

Moosejaw said...

All of a sudden Donald is a gun guy in his quotes. I'll take him at his word. All with a grain of salt. We must be eternally vigilant.... I see his Presidency as a Lead Pipe Cinch which means it won't be Crazy Uncle Bernie or Cankles Clinton.....thank God!

Sasquatch said...

I want to set the record straight. I mistakenly thought the great state of Wyoming had NORMAL election primaries. Then I see it is some sort of crazy caucus. I checked the election results this morning. Cruz did win. He had 644 votes. Yes you read that right. 644 votes. Rubio had 189 votes and Trump had 70. I say we forget this as some sort of state vanity event. It is laughable.

DamDoc said...

the final war for america has started, and it is of the utmost importance that whoever thr r is, we need to unify againt the hildabeast!

Pathfinder said...

This election is anything but tiresome.

This election is what happens when a republic dies.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, if I had a big following and I tell people "Please go punch Michael Bane in the face. I don't like what he said about me. Don't worry, I'll pay your legal fees", and somebody shows up on your doorstep and no punches you in the face because of that, are you still going to say that was just "free speech"?

Because that's called incitement, and it's considered to be illegal.

ELIMN8U said...

Truck Fump '16
Can't see us going for the fascist nor the socialists of Hillary or Sanders...if any of the three win we're screwed more so than now with Obamao.

Anonymous said...

To me, the ascendency of Trump proves that fascism is possible in America. I'm not saying that it is likely or probable, just possible.

And with that possibility, our 2A rights must be preserved.

Michael Bane said...

Anon, you are incorrect. If you were speaking to a rally in my hometown, all 100 people, and you said, "Michael Bane lives right up there hill, where the wind flags are…he needs to be killed…I see that some of you are armed…the rest of you, go home and get your guns, and we're going up the hill to kill the SOB! Get the guns! Get the guns!" That's incitement to violence, and it is indeed a crime. Let's say you had a big following on the Internet, and you said exactly what you said in your post. That is freedom of speech. The fact that you think I should be punched in the fact is your opinion, which you're entitled to as an American citizen. Even if you're Donald Trump. Or Barack Hussein Obama, who said, "If our enemies bring a knife, we bring a gun." Incitement to violence needs to be direct, specific and realistic…the rally in my home town, for instance.

The idea that someone can create an "environment conducive to violence" is antithetical to both the First Amendment and American law in general. A woman in a short skirt and a revealing tank top does NOT create "an environment conducive to rape" (unless you're a Muslim just arriving from some sandy s&^thole, but that's another argument). Burning an American flag in front of group of veterans does NOT create a environment conducive to violence (went all the way to the Supreme Court; look it up). The American Nazi Party marching in the streets of a town full of Holocaust survivors does NOT create this mythical environment. It is the first Amendment in action, and it is ugly, occasionally scary, often infuriating. but it is the difference between America and the rest of the world.

I am, by legal definition, a public person. Punching me in the face is the LEAST I get threatened with…LOL! Last year I reported one death threat we deemed "serious" last year. Have I created an "environment of violence?" Of=r have I exercised my First Amendmentrights?