Monday, June 06, 2016

Margarita Monday!

Went with a classic, Solerno Orange Liquer, Corazon Reposada and lemon juice. Ah, the pause that refreshes! Served it with steamed pink Key West shrimp (Old Bay, of course) and a cucumber/black eyed pea salad with Indian spices. Simple, good, ready for night night.

I'm going to link you over to TTAG, because my office computer is off and I can't directly link to the Silencer Shop and their great deal on silencers before 41G kicks in in July. Check it out.

Just a shout out to ROBAR…Freddie Blish called me about making some mods on a Glock frame a year or so ago. I finally came up with a spare G19 frame and sent it to ROBAR to cut to G26 dimension, perform their magic on the frame and do one of their carry triggers. Just got it back…WOW! ROBAR has always done superb work, and with Freddie at the helm that world class quality is a given. I talk about that Glock in this week's podcast. Plus, the only death metal band fronted by a grey parrot!

I mean, where else can you get this stuff???????


_DonWorsham_ said...

What is the mixology on that drink?

Anonymous said...

And just so this doesn't get "lost in the wash":

Getting "zucked"?

Life Member

Anonymous said...

And how about the "mixology" on that salad? It sounds "healthy"!


Life Member

Michael Bane said...

Stuck with basic margarita mixology as per MARIA'S in Santa Fe:

• 2 1/2 shots tequila
• 2 shots orange liqueur
• 3 shots freshly squeezed lemon juice

This gives you a lot of latitude in mixing. If I'm feeling limey, I might mix the lemon juice with line juice, and I have on occasion done a 100% lime margarita (with Blanco tequila, of course) which usually needs to be sweetened with agave nectar or Italian Limoncello. Or I can opt for Patron Citronge Lime Liqueur, which can lime out the lemon juice. With the Curazon Reposada and Solerno Blood Orange liqueur, I never add a sweetener unless the lemons are particularly sour. An excellent alternative are Meyers Lemons, which are lemons crossed with oranges. These make a surprisingly smooth margarita. I like to use a smokier reposed, like 30-30 ("The tequila named for the guns of la Revolution!").

RE: the cuke salad, it came from a great Indian cookbook: MY INDIAN KITCHEN: PREPARING DELICIOUS INDIAN MEALS WITHOUT FEAR OR FUSS, by Hari Nayak

It is a super Indian cookbook! We've cooked from it extensively, and now some of our go-to dishes are from it (the Marsala Crusted Tilapia makes that bland fish rock and roll). Buy the'll love it! Here's his web page:


DamDoc said...

just to let you know how you rival tom gresham as the great enabler.. ive now got three.. count em three.. suppressors in process through the SS before the july trust changes.. it all you fault!

Michael Bane said...

I have 4 in the pipeline…i enable myself!!!


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