Monday, June 06, 2016

Why I Unconditionally Support Donald Trump

This is a comment I posted on FaceBook to Joe Watson, who is a good guy who doesn't believe the same things I do. I have been remiss in posting too much snark, and I think he deserved a fair answer. I thought it was worth reposting here:

Sigh...Joe, it is my opinion (and the opinion of some of the finest activists and Second Amendment attorneys — people who have been on the front lines for DECADES) that there is a good chance the Second Amendment and the right to bear arms cannot survive a Hillary Presidency with taking some brutal hits, or be destroyed altogether. Should she be elected, we will be facing an Executive, a Judicial (remember, Scalia's gone, along with the 5-4 stand on the Second Amendment) and probably a Legislative attack. Secondly, with Obama's successes in weaponizing Federal agencies, we can expect attacks from those agencies, including the IRS, the EPA, Homeland Security, TSA, not to mention a reinvigorated BATFE.

Those agencies along can do staggering damage to the gun culture without any vote in Congress. All it takes is a willingness to wield them against us.

In the face of what I know to be a guaranteed attack from a blood enemy, I do not give a DAMN what Trump said or did years ago, or whether Ted Cruz says this or that, or whether any of the Republican weasels in Congress, who have turned their back on us for years, have to say! If Trump turns on us — which I do not believe will happen based on my own research and my own conversations — so be it. We will face that and deal with it. And we'll likely be able to deal with it from a position of strength. But with Hillary it is all-out war from Day One.

Every minute I spend fighting is a minute I don't spend shooting or hunting or training, the things I love to do. I hate to say it, but when you are my age, those minutes become even more precious. Because of what I do, I will be on the front lines of this battle, if we have to fight it. I accept that, honor it and will bring my A-Game, as always. But I would be remiss if I didn't say that I am bitter that members of this Culture, this BETTER Culture, who have told me for the last 8 years that they stand with the Second Amendment, now say they stand with the Second, except when they don't.

I have repeatedly said, privately and publicly, that I vote guns. This, Joe, is what it means to vote guns. In the face of an overwhelming threat to those things we believe and cherish, I will unequivocally support the opposition that threat. My Grandfather, who was a hard man and a life-taker, told me on my 13th birthday that there were only 2 kinds of people in the whole world — people who stand, and people who don't. That's it. No shades of grey in the middle. No equivocation. He said that would be my decision as I got older, and that I would have to reaffirm that decision every day. You may not like it, and it's fair to say that none of us do, but it is time to stand.


Knitebane said...

Well said.

DMD said...

Very well said, MB, but what do we do about that San Jose police chief who failed to protect innocent American attendees at the SJ Trump rally--Has BHO truly split up our beloved USA and led us into our long-feared racial hatred war?? DMD

Anonymous said...

Thanks for fighting the good fight Mr. Bane. And for my friends who know who they are... You are not compromising your principles by voting for a candidate you don't like or even fully agree with. You have two possible likely outcomes. Either Hillary or Trump will be president. as for me, while I don't like Trump, I know Hillary would be worse. This isn't political chess, it is simple checkers.

Anonymous said...

DMD, Follow the advice of Sheriff David A. Clarke, Jr., Milwaukee County, Wisconsin. He said this just days ago:

“The only thing they understand is force… These officers need to be allowed to take the gloves off and to take an offensive posture and become the aggressor..."

Life Member

NJ Larry said...

Folks gotta read Matthew Bracken. It ain't Hemingway but as an ex Navy SEAL the dude gets his point across. His predictions of what is coming scares the crap outta this old guy....MB hope you don't mind me linking to his site...

David said...

Anybody ever vote for a politician without compromising their principles to some degree?

Me neither. If you can vote for one of those slimy SOBs with absolutely no moral or ethical compromise on your part, that means you're just as slimy as they are.

Adults have to compromise and make the best choice, understanding that there is no perfect choice. Children stomp their feet and throw tantrums when they don't get everything they want.

Michael Bane said...

I've talked to Matt Bracken and I hugely respect him. Everyone MUST read his trilogy, because it indeed reads like future history.

And it scares the hell out of me.

I'm too old to spend my golden years behind a sniper scope…


clark myers said...

The term virtue signaling has been overused and abused in recent times. To label is not to act.

Still there can be found a group of people, like minded among themselves, "who deride or slight what is done by those who actually bear the brunt of the day; ..... those others who always profess that they would like to take action, if only the conditions of life were not exactly what they actually are"(TR Man in the Arena speech)

These people who refuse to vote for Trump are folks who signal their virtue by saying they are too good to bear the burden on their soul of doing what it takes. Saying you love or hate something to show off what a virtuous person you are, instead of actually trying to fix the problem, reeks of the man in the stands.

Displacement activity is displacement activity whether it's a feathered biped or a featherless biped.

Mtnshooter said...

I wish that we can find a intelligent opposing view. But you will never find one.

Elizabeth Hanson said...

This is so true. Thanks for saying it. It also goes for other topics. There is an assault to destroy this country. We have been comfortable a long time. However if we sit and do not stand up for individual freedoms they will disappear.

DamDoc said...

Trump 2016.. as you said in the podcast.. it aint baskin-robbins choices here.. it only vanilla or chocolate.. time to anti up

Reluctant poster said...

#nevertrump now Republicans for Hillary.

John said...

What Elizabeth Hanson said, is true. Trump it is.

Chaz said...

Outstanding, brother. Simple enough for anyone to understand.

Anonymous said...

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