Friday, July 08, 2016

A Prayer for Dallas…and all of us.

Over the years we've worked with Dallas police officers and Dallas SWAT in our shows. They have happily and openly shared their expertise and training with us. They are among the best in the world.

God bless you all, who run toward the sound of gunfire. My heart, and the hearts of all of us on the team here, goes out to the families of the slain, to their fellow officers who have lost brothers.

I have said repeated, and publicly, that when any group or groups of people continually chum the water for monsters, eventually those monsters will come. After 8 years of cynical, viciously divisive rhetoric and a bizarre, almost psychotic, campaign to de-legitimize the authority of law enforcement officers, we are a nation as divided in those years before the Civil War, or in those dark days of the late 1960s.

So very many of my police friends are out there today as every day, on patrol, investigating crimes, protecting us, the public. Watch your six, my friends.


Tierlieb said...

Hi Michael, just a footnote: You got a lot of fans all over the world and we are sometimes not as current with US news as you are, so we lack the context. Especially if we read this a few weeks late or so early that it hasn't made international news yet. I assume in this case, you are referring to a shooting in Dallas, Texas on July 8th, 2016, where 5 police officers where killed and 6 were wounded during a protest against police brutality.

Mike V. said...

Hi Michael,

Sadly, you're right. Words have consequences. For the past 2 years many of the words hurled in the MSM have emboldened some people to no longer feel bound by law and civilized behavior. I've carried a badge and gun for over 40 years and even in small town America we feel under assault. Every cop in the country's internal threat meter went up a notch or 2 last night.

Anonymous said...

It's not difficult to figure out why this is all happening. It can be defined with a single word: INCULCATION.

in-kul'-kate: teach persistently; to impress upon the mind, as by insistent urging - inculcation

When the general and easily influenced public has been constantly bombarded with Liberal/"Leftist" propaganda, what do we expect. This has been going on for over 50 years. Whereas before that, for almost 2 centuries, we were bombarded with Conservative/"Right-Wing" values and we got what those values rendered.

What's the difference? Right-Wing values focus on personal responsibility, nationalism and patriotism, individuality, small government, adherence to the Constitution and laws, and the people have an inalienable right to self defense, etc.. Left-Wing "values" espouse self-pity; "you are a failure because someone else is successful"; "achieving goals due to hard work isn't possible because the successful stole what they have and didn't really work for it", only big government can solve all of our problems, "white MEN are evil", we need to disarm the public; etc.

Then put an "Alinsky-ite" in-charge, surrounded by similar thinkers and you have a "lit fuse". They believe in "lawlessness" as long as it serves their purpose, but they cry when they perceive injustice, even when the injustice is unfounded.

Everyone here knows all of this. The problem is that too many "out there" don't even realize what's happening.

Life Member

Anonymous said...

And you can add this:

What more can be said?

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Anonymous said...

Michael, My heart and sole have sunk to a new low. My heart felt sympathy and condolences go out not only to the law enforcement agencies in Dallas but to ALL first responders.
I also fear what is in the near and intermediate future for this country. As you stated, I believe this country is as divided as it was before the civil war and it is certainly the most divided as I have seen it in my 60 plus years.
While we (gun owners and conservatives) have watched our God given rights being destroyed over the past decades I have never seen them destroyed at such a pace as they have been over the last eight years. With this type of ongoing attack building pressure as it progresses, the eventual “boil over” point seems to get closer every day.
When any group starts attacking the very people that do “run to the gunfire” instead of away from it I fear that boiling over point has been reached and exceeded. I also believe with all my heart that if this incident is followed by any more such incidents we may very well have fighting in our own streets. Once that happens than God help us all. Maybe it is a process that is needed, maybe not. But regardless I believe it is the closest to happening that I have ever seen it in my life.
May God guide us all in this time of need.

DMD said...

Amen to 12:32--and too bad that we have reached this point--even worse than our Vietnam tragedy--and I am 76 yrs old !! DMD

Richard said...

I had the opportunity to watch Dallas SWAT perform in an exercise and echo your comments about their professional skills.