Friday, July 01, 2016

Name That Bribe!

I've got a fun new brain-twister for kids of all ages! Listen up, everyone….what do you think impeached former President and convicted liar Bill Clinton offered Loretta Lynch, ostensibly the number one law enforcement official in the United States, to save the Clinton Foundation Hedge Fund and the Wicked Witch of Chappaqua's campaign for Queen.

Here's a few just to get you started:

• A seat on the soon-to-be-formed Star Chamber
• The Throne of Swords and dominion over all the Seven Kingdoms
• Excalibur
• Her own Caribbean island and lifetime passage on Jeffrey Epstein's private plane
• A seat behind the curtain in Oz
• Bankroll her campaign to unseat Angela Merkel in Germany
• Will Smith
• The chance to become the first Reichsfuhrer of the soon-to-be formed American Schutzstaffel
• A starring roll in the next STAR WARS remake, THE REVENGE OF JAR JAR BINKS
• Her own flavor of Ben And Jerry's Ice Cream, E-MAIL CRUNCH
• Chelsea Clinton as a barge slave (note cultural reference photo above)


DamDoc said...

Or a trip to Fort Marcy Park in the case of non-compliance... Actually, i think this meeting was on purpose to "threaten" the career FBI agents by showing who is friends with who... hurt my friend, and your career is in jeopardy.. that after obama has already said that there was no there there.... also, with her "recusal" this morning, this makes Loretta free and clear of responsibility for dismissal of charges.. "i had nothing to do with it"

This will all be spun as a conviction of a vast right wing conspiracy, and her poll numbers will jump by 10 points.. game, set, match..

joey kay 18103 said...

After reading all of this I'm going in to take another dose of all my heart meds.... But not because y'all made it hurt.... ohhhh noooo..... I will need the help when it comes time to stand up and fight ... thanks for the incentive .. oh yea also headin out to Wally World for more ammo... Joe out

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I just refilled my blood pressure meds.
Tom Bogan
Laconia NH

NJ Larry said...

By nature I am a contrarian. Everyone thinks it was Clinton who wanted this meeting. I will bet you that Loretta will turn out to have "made the meet" as they used to say in my old neighborhood.

You can understand sooo much about the world by watching The Godfather. This scene with Tom Hagen talking to Frank Pentangeli explains everything you need to know about the Clinton/Lynch meeting... Tell me otherwise LOL

Anonymous said...

I say maybe it was just for a little slap and tickle as the brits say!

Anonymous said...

While we ponder the potential for the "Lynching of Justice", we have this:

Trump MUST win!

Life Member

(Watch the "seminar bloggers pop out here, as they respond to the algorithm "trigger".)

Unknown said...

What makes you think this meeting was "co-incidence" and done by Clinton on the spur of the moment? I think Lynch was SENT by Obama to deliver his terms for keeping Hillary from being indicted. I think Obama will be given a seat on the board of the Clinton Crime Family Slush Fund Foundation and be paid $5-10 million a year.