Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Road... GUNSITE, which is celebrating it's 40th anniversary, at the second Scout Rifle Conference, filming for SHOOTING GALLERY. Great working with my good friends Andy Langlois, Richard Mann, Il Ling New, and many others. This will be a super show, with scout rifles from Ruger, Steyr and Mossberg, plus some slick customs. We did the open and close from Col. Cooper's gun vault, where I did my last interview with the Colonel so many years ago...I think you'll be moved -- I was!

And hey, what would you think of a limited edition SHOOTING GALLERY knife from what I think is one of the coolest new kinfe company in the world, SOUTHERN GRIND???? It needs to be done, and I believe we'll have this deal done soon! This will blow you guys away!

SHOOTING GALLERY ONLINE is moving toward launch. I promise you rock and roll!

So many balls in the air!

Yes, I'm trying to not overdo it...everyone at GUNSITE kept making me sit down, for which I thank them!

Did you see the Dillenger ep of the new season of GUN STORIES WITH JOE MANTEGNA? One of my all-time favorite eps!

Plus, except some very good news on the special TBD episode on our Mass Casualty Event, coming very soon...


Unknown said...

Hello Michael,I have been taking in your shows on shooting gallery. . Great content. I have seen some segments on suppressed pistol and riffles by the silencer shop. With the current climate and miss information in this rehlm, my partner and I created the forum to educate, draw in and have a social place for all. It's currently free to join,post,create sub folders and share builds,plink time and recommendations. I welcome you in hopes you can share for our visitors and friends. Thank you

Alien said...

Michael - RE: Shooting Gallery Online....Faster, please.

And, how about making the past episodes of Shooting Gallery available on DVD?

NJ Larry said...

More worldwide insanity. Hundreds dead and injured in Nice France tonite. Families out by the beautiful Med watching fireworks for Bastille Day. Crushed bodies seconds later by terrorist driving a truck into strolling crowd. Then coming out shooting as cops finally gun him down.

Anywhere. Anytime. Any method. This world is at war. Wake up !

Anonymous said...

These terrorists also know that if they use guns, they can accomplish one thing and another BIGGER thing.

First, they know that they can kill people with guns. Killing innocent people in surprise attacks is their primary objective.

Second, they know that they're on to an even BIGGER thing. They know that if they use guns, the reaction of the liberal Democrat left is to use that as an excuse to disarm Americans further. They've already succeeded in "achieving" the designation of gun-free zones, where they can ply their "craft" unchallenged. Just think how successful they can be if it was gun-free everywhere. Liberals are generally so stupid, they always do the opposite of what is necessary to solve any problem. They believe that you can "borrow your way to prosperity". They believe that Marxism works! They believe that making everyone defenseless, except for themselves, makes everyone safer. They are mostly useful idiots. Fortunately for our top leadership, they can use this to justify disarming us all, but their reasoning has nothing to do with safety. We understand where that all goes in the end. No pun intended.

America needs to wise-up. Vote the Marxists out and get the right ones in.

Life Member