Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Another Sudden Flash of Stupid on My Part

So my Sweetie says there are 2 cowboy matches this coming weekend, including one of my favorites. I am all excied! Let's go to a match, I say...I'll be very slow, but it'll be fun!

Sure, she says...she just needs to see me run a lever action rifle with my left hand in a cast. And the shotgun. And my left-holstered pistol. So, mind over matter, I say. I open the safe, take out one of my lever guns, shoulder it and...and...and...I can shoulder the gun and shoot OR I can work the lever. Hmmmmm...I pull out the double-barrel, which I can easily shoot, but can't reload. Forget the left-holstered pistol.

I can shoot a USPSA match, I say optimistically. "As long as you shoot Open," she says, "And don't have to reload."

Maybe I'll pull weeds this weekend...or pull the lever on a Dillon. I can do that.


Anonymous said...

lever... dillion... at least it's a lever!

Anonymous said...


Less opportunity to get "match fever" when the buzzer goes.


Unknown said...

I have plenty of weeds, if your looking to get in shape!

Anonymous said...

When I came home from the hospital after my heart attack, it was a week before someone brought my car home. It was a week after that before I had the energy to walk to the car and retrieve the pistol. Sometimes we have to depend on others.

Anonymous said...

Precision Rifle, Bullseye pistol.


David H. said...

You will heal. Or, you won't, but I suspect you will. Pray you will.

Either way, pain, injury, infirmity, carry with them larger lessons - humility, character, empathy...

You will never look at a person struggling with an injury or physical shortcoming the same way again. Sure, you may have felt sorry before, but now you have walked a mile in their shoes.

Pain and suffering, as strange as it may sound, are things to be grateful for, even if they are to be avoided at the same time.

NJ Larry said...

Sadly we have a terrible Mass Casualty Event in Dallas tonite. 11 cops wounded and 4 dead. Who knows at this point what the motivations are. Regardless, everyone needs to be on a swivel. Stay safe. Looking forward to your insight MB....

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