Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Game of Morons

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Bob G said...

Love it! Very funny and appropriate.

By the way, as Downrange Radio's latest episode had some similar content -- about rule of law vs. reign of monarchs -- I have to tell you how much I found that episode useful. The whole "pick up the rifle...or not" discussion really got me thinking that maybe the best place for my gun after a shooting is under one of my feet, where I can control it but where it's nowhere near my hands.

And BTW, that Leonard Cohen piece ("The Future") was amazing! How did I not know about him? I went to YouTube and gave it several listens, and then ordered "The Essential Leonard Cohen." And how the heck did the man who chose to bookend a podcast with that also select a piece by Ultrabunny?

Anyway, many thanks. And thanks to some of your writings and podcasts, I finally tried a Ruger LCR-357. Love at first trigger pull. Added a CT green laser, and it's pretty darned close to perfect!