Saturday, January 08, 2005

Michael Screws Up!

My pal Ted Murphy correctly pointed out to me that the weight limits in the new IDPA rulebook only blow the SIG and Beretta guns out of the Stock Service Pistol (SSP) category, where they would normally compete.

Instead, the guns are allowed to compete in the Enhanced Service Pistol (ESP) category, where they will be slaughtered by the $2000-$4000 custom 1911 9mm/.40S&W "raceguns" that World Command conveniently doesn't notice.

RE: Moon-clips, "Farmer" Frank James has the best idea of all — no more revolver reloading devices, be it moon-clips or speedloaders! All reloads to be from loose ammo out of the pocket:
"Hell, after watching Tequila [5X Cowboy Action Shooting World Champion] with his shotgun I'm opposed to speedloaders for revolvers. I would like to see what would happen if everyone had to work with loose ammo, as most will when TSHTF."
Leave it to Frank to put it all in perspective!

And a tip of the hat to Ted Muphy for keeping me honest. Thanks, bro!

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