Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Wee Hours

Well, it's 2:ooAM in the morning, the hotel television doesn't get American Chopper and I'm beginning to suspect I'm going to see sunrise, which is, as every vampire knows, drastically overrated. If I wasn't in the Wilds of Queens, I'd probably go run, but as I don't want to be killed and eaten I'll probably take a pass on that.

I did try and go to sleep, but it didn't work, so I cranked up the computer and paged through the Usual Suspects to no avail. I did read that our pathetic forebearers Across the Pond are thinking of adding a lip-reading function to the zillions of spy cameras already scattered around Great Britain — something like one spy camera for every 14 people. That'll be handy! It goes well with the shouting cameras, in which your personal monitor can berate you for antisocial behavior through any one of the sound-equipped cameras.

I also discovered that miniature horses are very sensitive and can be trained as guide animals, the ancient Minoan civilization got whacked by a big tsunami that was probably the birth of the Atlantean mythology, a dry cleaner in Washington D.C. is being sued for $67 million for a lost pair of pants, that Rage Against the Machine has reformed and called for Bush to be "tried and hung and shot," showing that their creative juices are still smokin' hot, and that forks are really really sophisticated pieces of machinery, according to Physics Today.

I have at least avoided sinking to the lowest level of hell...cruising YouTube looking for exploding gun videos...I expect to get there somewhere around 4AM, which I am creeping toward at a glacial pace.

Well, tomorrow as Scarlett O'Hara noted succinctly is another day.

I wonder what's up with Paris Hilton?


Don Worsham said...

MB, thanks for the link to the mini horses. My nearest neighbor raises mini's (although hers are somewhat larger than these) so I'll past the link to her.

Get some sleep dude! What you need is a vacation.

hazcat said...

Isn't it a shame that the 'movers and shakers' all live in an s*** hole like NYC.

Alex said...

You are saying: "Well, it's 2:ooAM in the morning, the hotel..."
How come you got it posted almost hour and a half earlier?!

"Well, tomorrow — as Scarlett O'Hara noted succinctly — is another day.
I wonder what's up with Paris Hilton?

posted by Michael Bane at 12:39 AM on May 2, 2007
Almost like a Puzzler from the "Car talk" show, isn't it?

Michael Bane said...

I've never change the time on my laptop, which is convinced I'm still in Colorado...


Alex said...

Not 100% correct, but you are on the right track!
My post was two hours off at the time of posting, and I am in NH.
If anybody thinks this is not gun related, think again. We do make site adjustments when point of impact changes so, this is the same kind of mental game we shooters play all the time.