Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Best SCOTUS Compilation So Far

From Classical Values:
It's very easy for sophisticated people to sneer at the rights of "gun nuts." I grew up here on the East Coast, and watched the phenomenon evolve. In fact, I even saw it first hand, applied in a very petty way by a very "sophisticated" neighbor, when she told my mother that she didn't want her son to come over and play with me as long as my mom allowed me to have toy guns (which in her view needed to be shunned by mothers who knew better). This was shortly after the Kennedy assassination, when I was around eight years old and into the "playing soldier" phase. My mom was quite disturbed by this, because the woman (whose family was headed by a famous New Deal aristocrat) outranked her socially, and I remember my parents discussing it at the dinner table. My father took the "boys will be boys" line and advised my mom to ignore it, but I did lose a friend, and it wasn't really his fault or mine.

It was the new "sophistication." Little did I know that I was witnessing the emergence of one form of what I now call "manufactured morality."

Then as now, the ruling class snobs knew what was best.
BTW, Jim Shepherd of the SHOOTING WIRE and I will be taking steps Monday to clear our press credentials for Washington in March. It is history, and we will be there!