Saturday, November 10, 2007

I Am Not on Strike!

I stand four-square on the Right to Work, and at my Sweetie's request I am volunteering to step forward and write episodes of the soap opera Days of Our Lives, which my Sweetie has been following apparently since she was in the womb. I've pretty much got the rhythm down, doncha think:

Argh! How can you say that? You married my Suburban...

I didn't mean to fire the RPG...I love her...she's carrying my gat...

I'm so confused! Who did I marry this week? Whose baby am I carrying? Do I have amnesia again? Swine flu? Am I possessed by Satan? Wal-Mart? Roman? And who is writing this crappy script?

ELVIS JUNIOR (internal dialoge)
I am the least realized character on this show, the soap equivalewnt o of Unnamed Crewman #4 on Star I've been shot and have to lay around in a stupid coma for six months...I can't believe I took acting classes in junior college for this!
What do you think?

See, this is what happens when I get a day brain starts slip-sliding away and I start using ellipses...ellipseses...ellipsomethings...

Anyhow, some real news, and marginally comforting. This from The War on Guns blog, through Instapundit on new AG Michael B. Mukasey:
Take another unsettled legal question: whether the Second Amendment secures an individual right to bear arms. Here is what Judge Mukasey told me: “Based on my own study, I believe that the Second Amendment protects an individual right to keep and bear arms.”
Well, that's something and a step up from Gonzales, who apparently believed whatever Bush told him to believe.

Starting to get some Real World data on the Ruger can pick up one of the threads on DOWN RANGE.


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