Friday, November 09, 2007

Floozy Alert!!!

Yes! You've all been waiting for this! TLLF* (*The Lovely Lisa Farrell) in her award-winning floozy costume from Gunfight Behind the Jersey Lilly!

No wait...this is TLLF at her office on a typical work day!


HaroldB said...

That's very cool, BUT ............. where's the pic of YOU with the BOA?
HUH? ~ ' - )

Anonymous said...

and who said black is slimming?

patrick sweeney said...

Hey pal, watch it. That's our squibby you're talking about.

Besides, she probably shoots better than you do.

Chet A said...

Gotta love "Sunshine"
What no Pac-Lite??
Anonymous.... stay MORE anonymous