Wednesday, November 21, 2007

More Updates

Been trying to keep up with the SCOTUS commentaries. I strongly suggest you take the time to hit Glenn Reynolds' InstaPundit on a daily basis. He is a legal authority on the Second Amendment and a relentless aggregator. Check out his column in the New York Post this AM: taking this case, the court has ensured that the gun-rights issue will move to the forefront this election season, at both the presidential and congressional levels. This is probably bad for Democrats, given that most Americans believe they have some sort of right to arms under the Constitution.

It's also probably bad for Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney, who have generally been less supportive of gun rights than the other GOP contenders. But maybe Hillary Clinton will prove flexible: Bill Clinton said that the gun issue cost the Democrats control of Congress in 1994, and Hillary no doubt remembers that.
You should also check out he and his wife's podcast, which features an interview with Bob Levy of Cato. Here's a creepy thought from Bill Quick at the Daily Pundit:
By the way, what a stinker of an issue this is for the Democrats and the left, eh? I think Hillary will have a Sister Souljah moment and come out in support of an individual rights interpretation. In my leftist days, the New Left certainly felt that way. None of us supported disarming the Black Panthers. And, frankly, Kos isn’t exactly a hotbed of anti-gun fervor, given that a strong stream of opinion there believes they will have to take up arms to protect themselves from us Fascists.
Wouldn't that be a brilliant shocker? I mean, Hillary doesn't actually believe in anything except power, and coming out in favor of the individual interpretation could drastically blunt the gun voter sword slash that's building for 2008...I think such a move would probably guarantee her the White House. The, of course, she would go right ahead and do whatever she wanted.

And BTW, do NOT miss this one from NRO Hollywood correspondent David Kahane...hysterical!:
No, the big news that has everybody jazzed is the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to grant cert to District of Columbia v. Heller — you know, the one where an overreaching D.C. Circuit Court fascistically ruled that residents of the District — mostly poor, and non-white — are in fact covered by the Second Amendment and thus by the entire U.S. Constitution. Can you believe that? Talk about legislating from the bench!

Well, thank the deity of your own personal belief system, or none at all, for Ruth Buzzi Ginsburg is all I can say — if she’s not snoozing on the bench during oral arguments, she and her compadres on the Left (“Fighting the Power Since 1776”) will drop-kick this sucker back across the Potomac and set off a wave of state-legislative rewrites not seen since Roe v. Wade. And America will be a safer, saner nation because of it.
Well, my phone is ringing off the hook upstairs in the office...I guess I gotta suck it up and face it...

I will definitely be in Washington D.C. when oral arguments are heard, probably in March, and will be blogging as quickly as I can.

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Anonymous said...

While it would shock and dismay her liberal supporters, I think the possiblity of Hillary having a 'Sister Souljah' moment and publically stating support for gun owner rights is politically quite possible.

Think Nixon and the trip to China, or LBJ and the conduct of the Vietnam War, or Bush the elder and "Read My Lips", its what makes politicians so untrustworthy, but the Clintons know what has hurt them before so look for some crafty moves before the convention.

The question is how will it be framed and promoted in order to gain the most ground on her opponents?

All The Best,
Frank W. James