Wednesday, November 14, 2007

New Democratic Presidential Candidate Sighted!

From DRUDGE this AM:
Small Town Overcome By Mysterious Ape Sightings

GLEN ST. MARY, Fla. -- Mysterious ape sightings are bringing excitement to a sleepy Florida town.

The local newspaper even ran a story about the sightings.

"There is kind of that 'I've seen a bigfoot' type of feel to it," said resident Eric Lawson. "They said it made a nest in that tree, so it's probably somewhere here in the area."

Some believe the mysterious animal is an orangutan -- one local family had found what looked to be an orange ape up high in a tree.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission investigator who answered the original complaint call on the orange ape said there was definitely something up in the top of the tree, but he really couldn't be sure what it was.
So it could be a new Democratic contender...or Bill Clinton. If I were Fish and Wildlife, I'd check under the tree for waffles...or interns.

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