Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Lumbering Toward Bethleham

Every so often I try to throw in some obscure culture references to pretend I'm smarter than I am....didn't fool you, did I?

Anyhow, the Hamilton Bowen/Ruger 56-50 Spencer revolver — Project Ultimate Bulldog — is now officially rolling along. Ideally, I'll end up with a 5-shot round-butt 3-1/2 inch .50 cal snub throwing 350-grain lead softballs at 800 fps. Yes, of course, there's no point to it, unless I'm set upon by feral riding lawnmowers...maybe I'll get a crossdraw holster for it...with floral carvings.

Check out that bad boy in the picture above...the coolest air gun I've run across in a while. It's an 8-shot, CO2 cartridge-fired less lethal system from Security With Advanced Technology. It also fires pellets for force-on-force simulations. Short rocks! Was out putting rounds — er, pellets — through one today. We were using pellets filled with talcum powder instead of a pepper compound, so the whole range smelled like a freshly buffed-up baby's butthole.

Seriously, you'll see more of this blaster on SHOOTING GALLERY...I'm liking it a lot for simulations, not to mention neighborhood critters. There also appears to be some utility in changing infant diapers with the right pellets, but I'm not going to go there.

Detonics is refunded and, I'm told, good to go. That's a Good Thing, since I like the little CombatMaster a lot...hey, if it was good enough for Sonny Crockett, it's good enough for me, being as I am a simple peasant. More when the details are worked out in a week or so.


Jerry The Geek said...

Detonics 'good enough for Sonny crockett"????

I don't know, for sure, but I've just spent the last week catching up on "Miami Vice, The First Season" and every time I saw Don Johnson with a pistol in his hand, it was come kind of Model 69 variant.

I originally thought it was a 659, but on second thought I'm the only person in Western Civilization to own a 659. So I decided it must be a 5906, which meets more sanguinely with the 1980's cultural whatever.

So I'm thinking, this is NOT a Detonics. This is the original '59 S&W, of whatever variant.

Tell me I'm wrong here.

Jerry The Geek said...

Okay, typo. "Some kind of Model 59 variant".

Anonymous said...

You're wrong Jerry.

The Detonics was Sonny's backup piece to his Bren X, and later, his S&W 645. I believe that in the last season he carried a S&W 4506 with a 6906 as backup. There was also a P220 in the pilot and during his amnesia period as "Burnett."

GeorgeH said...

The 56/50 sounds like the perfect piece for arguing with a cougar over whose garbage can it is that you're taking out some evening.

I have several small .45s and am ordering a Para-Ordnance Carry GAP to play with, but I keep going back to an old Detonics I've had for over 30 years. It always works.

Anonymous said...


Will the 56-50 revolver require any ATF weirdness since it measures .512" in diameter? i.e. will they consider it a "Destructive Device"?